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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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Adam Wolfsdorf's voice is amazing. All labels are concerned with the sound of a lead singer's voice and it being unique... well... it doesn't get more unique than Wolfsdorf's…… The Energy is a band that's on the right track. "Streets of In-Between" is a great album and one that needs to be listened to.
- Ryan Jones/ Alternative Addiction
- Alternative Addiction

"The Energy's name is absolutely fitting for this outstanding band. They bring good energy, light, and life to their music, as well as their sound as a whole. Everything about this band is full of great vibes and magical sounds. Each and every member of the band are not only talented musicians, but full of witty, friendly, and charismatic personalities. I'm honored to be a part of The Energy's journey, and I suggest you check out this band as well, and become energized by their music."
- Lindsay Klein/ WDHA Personality - WDHA

“The first draft pick for a hit, ‘Go To Girl’ features a great Knack vibe throughout. The song raises well, surges into its sugary choruses and coasts down into the bridge before pushing up the hill and dropping into the killer chorus once again.”
- John Pfeifer/ The Aquarian Weekly - The Aquarian Weekly

If one was to explore the definition of the word Energy you would find: Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work. Well it is quite apparent that is exactly what we have witnessed here on The Energy's latest self release "Realize Your Sin". Melodic tone mixed with just the right amount of rock riffs combined with powerful lyrics makes this
album stand out. Let us take for instance the opening lyrics to track 3. "Devil on Horseback". They begin "Shadows past are at our door,to win the fight that they began before." This is only a sample of what you would find on all 10 of the tracks on this album, almost as each tells it's own story that can also be determined by the listener.
As a music fanatic myself I am always searching the horizon for something new, not new as in same band making the same album again and changing the title, new as in something different, something energetic if you will that stands out on it's own making you want to listen to every lyric,every riff, and every beat of the drum kit. A track on this album that I personally find to be one of the best tracks I have heard in a while and also one in which i feel I can relate with would be the title track "Realize Your Sin" which is also featured on this page. In my opinion this could land as a great single on the chart's and I would really love to hear some of The Energy played on mainstream radio at some point.
Hopefully they will get a little push as they open for 3 Doors Down as well as Eve 6 and Jimmie's Chicken Shack. - Mouth4Music

NYC rock/alternative act The Energy has released their new album “Realize Your Sin” on March 31st. The band has upcoming east coast dates. Recently performed with Lifehouse at the Malibu Music Fest. The track “Runaway” was featured on the final episode of MTV’s The Real World: Hollywood. Apparently, the band can sell out Irving Plaza in NYC, and Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ. For fans of Train, Lifehouse, etc. Our favorite track is Lights.
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"Celebrating a CD release at Harpers Ferry tonight is the Energy, a New York pop-rock band that has made a fitting opening act for Flickerstick, that rock group from VH1's show "Band on the Run." The Energy's songs are catchy, dramatic, and 1980s-inspired. You'll probably have strong opinions about the voice of lead singer Adam Wolfsdorf, who is a strange blend of Train's Patrick Monahan, Constantine Maroulis, and Paul Carrack. Yes, that's possible." – Meredith Goldstein, The Boston Globe - The Boston Globe

We seem to be going through a pop music period in which a lot of popular groups look backwards instead of forwards when making their own music. Nostalgia for the Motown sound, early forms of rock 'n' roll, and classic R&B hooks are making all sorts of "new" songs for the ringtone generation that sound familiar to those who know better.

With Staten Island-connected band The Energy, which has been playing in the New York City area for some time now, the trend seems to be nostalgic for a sound more recent: The big, mainstream pop rock of the 1980s and 1990s.

The band's new recording, "Climbing Palace Walls," is full of these influences -- from singer Adam Wolfsdorf's lyrics, which mention or reference some form of "tears" in four songs and start at least one tune with the tried and true question "Would you catch me if I fall?" to the sliding bass lines of Staten Island native James Clifford and giant guitar hooks of Wagner College grad Chris Flanigan. The double disc, recorded with the help of Dae Bennett, son and sometimes studio engineer and producer for Tony Bennett, will be released Tuesday.

Put it this way -- if you'd like to hear a younger, local version of Journey or Bon Jovi, The Energy is just your cup of tea. And you won't be alone, either. On Tuesday, the band rocks the main stage at the Knitting Factory for a CD release show, and on Wednesday, they open for Keith Kane of the platinum-selling band Vertical Horizon, at Maxwell's in Hoboken. Could it be only a matter of time before big dramatic pop rock makes a comeback?

-Ben Johnson - Staten Island Advance


Streets Of In-Between (January 2011)- Produced by Scott Riebling
Realize Your Sin (March, 2009)- Engineered by Dae Bennett
Climbing Palace Walls (August, 2007)- Engineered by Dae Bennett
Awake (August, 2006)- Produced by Mark Zuppe



Even for a group that has clocked thousands of miles and performed at hundreds of venues across the country, it’s amazing that discovering a sound still proves to be the most significant challenge in a band’s journey. So if there’s anything that the Brooklyn based rock band The Energy has learned during the recording of their 4th album, Streets of In-Between (Produced by Scott Riebling: Fall Out Boy, We the Kings, The Academy Is), it’s that at times the most succinct statement can be the most powerful. The message of the album is clear: when you take the road less traveled, your life becomes richer and more fulfilled.

Love is a predominant theme on Streets of In-Between. From the conflicted and even paradoxical strains of the up-tempo single “Go To Girl,” (“When we fight/That’s when I see her smile”), to the hard rocking “Nothing That You Need,” (“She’s everything you want/And nothing that you need”), to the self-discovery that can result from true love, as expressed in “Touch Down,” the album explores the many forms romance can take. And for the fans who dug the social awareness so present on the band’s previous recordings, take heart: “Better Way” beckons the listener to shrug off the drudgery of the day-to-day in search of a higher cause. The song has already had an opportunity to shine during a politically-charged sequence on MTV’s “Real World: Washington, DC”, as well as underscoring a segment of MTV’s “Cutthroat Challenge.”

Selling out many of New York City’s and Boston's premier venues over the past two years, the band currently ranks among the top grossing indie acts in the Northeast. And yet despite touring with artists such as 3 Doors Down, Vertical Horizon, Ryan Cabrera and Eve 6, and having had music featured numerous times on both MTV and ESPN, the band chooses to keep it simple. "We've grown a tremendous amount," reflects Wolfsdorf. "It's hard to believe that just over five years ago we were struggling to get gigs in Brooklyn. We're very grateful for how far we've come and hungrier than ever to take it even further". The Energy recently appeared on Voice of America (VOA) “Border Crossings” program for some 100 million listeners, and shortly thereafter helped to host an episode of ESPN’s “Inside the Big East.” There is plenty more to come in 2011.

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