The England Ram-a-Band

The England Ram-a-Band

 Grapevine, Texas, USA

The England Ram-a-Band is a DIY, high energy, one man band from Grapevine, TX. The music is a variation of surf rock, hip-hop, and classic pop displayed in a fun and oddly esoteric fashion.


Writing and recording alone since 2006, Kevin England's Ram-a-Band has ranged from oddball electronica to honest, minimalist songwriting. Growing up in a household of landlocked surfers, the sounds of '60's surf films and beach mentality have shaped his sound although the mellowness has been forgotten. The England Ram-a-Band has had jumbled lineups over the years, having as many as nine people on stage, all from the Grapevine music scene, but has now settled comfortably to just Kevin England on stage looping and sampling his different synthesizers live in unison with his own homemade light show.


2010 Silly Bitch Blew The Principals - Single
4 piece rock and roll band studio recording Self Released

2009 Summer to Winter EP
Home recording keyboards and guitar Self Released

2009 Neutron Meutron and The Skeleton Lizard Skeletons LP
Home recording all vocals, piano, and midi. Self Released

Set List

30 minutes.