The English

The English


This is a concept album to be played in its entirety. It's based on a paranoid dream, and the music ranges from lounge-y to bucolic to hard rock


This band started as a vanity project, conceived and created while waiting for my other band, the Real Heroes, to finalize their album. The music for Havenville is best listened to in a dreamy state, though it's not required. The music runs the gamut from TV show themes, to Beatle-y pop, to Costello-y pub rock, to Van Halen-ish hard rock. I honestly don't think there's many albums as original as this one. It's a concept album- ok, nothing new there- yet some of the songs would be at home on a lush MOR station.


Episode's Over

Written By: Paul K. English

When it began, I was alone
No motivation, only a drone
You arrived, your ad-libs made for good laughs, watching at home
Nobody faking, nobody tried
Then they were taping me making asides
Title the pilot, "The Shark Swims, Lest it Die"
And if I die alone, I don't really mind
As long as the rating's rising
Oh, this episode's over
The storyline was going nowhere
Everybody says, "Closure"
So open up your eyes and find some
I can't stand to stand here watching you cry
I wanted it easy, no reasons why
I don't want to wring this bloody thing out 'til it's dry
And if I die alone, I don't really care
As long as it's on the air
Oh, this episode's over...
You keep calling for me
You won't give it up
I know it's abrupt, but listen
Oh this episode's over...


"Episode's Over" has been played on KGSR and KUT in Austin.

Set List

The set list is the album, top to bottom.