The English Department

The English Department


Up-tempo, uber melodic indie rock - with big hooks and big guitars brought to you by a power poppin power trio.


Residing somewhere between the annals of collegiate studies, The L train, North West London and a sweaty dive bar, the English Department are bringing nerd chic and big rock hooks to the masses. A power-trio who wear their eclectic roots on their collective sleeve, The English Department deploy modern indie rock with flourishes of Costello-esque power-pop. Thick distorted guitars merge with a brutally sensitive rhythm section. Stripped down to rock’s most basic lineup, David Wallace (Vox, Guitar), Justin Wallace (Bass, Vox) and Dan Mintzer (Drums, Vox) allow simplicity, melody and musicianship to come to the fore, creating a compelling, intelligent and memorable whole.

Armed with a collection of undeniable songs, The English Department embraces the complexities of the times while never losing their sense of humor and irony. Last year’s debut EP, “The English Department Sing the Hits of Tomorrow…Today” showed a band toying with the various sound’s that have become their staple. Moody mid-tempo rockers juxtaposed with bright up-tempo pop/rock; creating a unique combination of the more recognizable elements of Radiohead and Weezer, Death Cab for Cutie and Elvis Costello. The EP grabbed the attention of bands like Lola Ray (Epic), Army of Me (Atlantic) The Damnwells (Epic) and Fielding (The Millitia Group) all of whom invited the band to share the stage with them. It took them to colleges, venues up and down the North East and to SXSW in 2005.

In August of 2005 The English Department entered the studio with producer Jon Kaplan (Lola Ray, The Damnwells, Gavin Degraw, Grandaddy) to begin recording a new EP entitled, “Stick Figures”. The six song collection finds the band finding themselves. Justin and Dan’s rhythmic intensity is taken to a new level. David’s guitar scratches and claws its way through the stereo spectrum, while his vocals tie the whole thing together. Sounding at once vulnerable and totally in control. This is a passionate voice with charisma and catharsis at its heart.

With a keen sense of melody and arranging, and a killer live show, The English Department never overwhelm their material, allowing their natural charisma and band dynamic to shine through – both on stage and on disc - making sure there’s never a dull moment.


U Don't Know Anything About Me

Written By: David Wallace

If I could be the man you want me to be
You would be insignificant to me
The Weight of the world, the weight of the world
Is weighing on you
But I will not lose my place at the front of the queue
At the front of the queue

I’m hungry like his wolves most of the time
And I’ve got this mellowdrone in the back of my mind
A permanent stain, a permanent stain
A permanent bruise
But I will not lose my voice when I’m talking to you
When I’m talking to…

You don’t know
Anything about me

I could ignore your needs and cast you aside
Or push up on other she’s right in front of your eyes
I should have been him, I should have been him
If I wanted you
And not a pink elephant at the Bar-B-Que
At the Bar-B-Que

You don’t know
Anything about me

I’ve got a razor’s tongue and a four letter word
Just take it or leave it hun I’m the salt of the earth
It could have been me, It could have been me
It could have been you
Now all you get is an angry song and a “How do you do”

You don’t know
Anything about me

Stick Figures

Written By: David Wallace

Damn the morning
I’ve been at it again
Now it’s over I
Wash the taste of last night of me
And over and over again
I guess I’ll never learn

Just one more Stick Figure
With the light in his eyes
His downfall - he lives it
When the light shines too bright

Heed no warning
How’d this happen again
Now I’m sober I
Get up, shut down, repeat, roll over
And over and over again
I guess I’ll never learn

Just one more Stick Figure
With the light in his eyes
His downfall - he lives it
When the light shines too bright

Stick Figures, they love you
Stick Figures, see through your holes
They just want to be

Just one more Stick Figure
With the light in his eyes
His downfall - he lives it
When the light shines too bright

Just one more Stick Figure
Got lost in the night
We pray for blurred vision
When the light shines too bright

We’re all Stick Figures
We snap like match sticks

Baby Fat

Written By: David Wallace

At the corner store I was liking
You with your parachute on
Then the morning came and you got quiet
You said you're always sad on Sunday morn
If it's all the same
I'll be leaving
With everything under the sun
Damn the hurricane
Damn the lightning
For crashing thunder down on everyone

Now all the quarterbacks and diplomats
Distort the facts
They lied all about you
Damned if I knew
Where all the ladies at
With baby fat who wanna throw their weight around at you
Walk right through you
You see the devil in me
Just like the devil in you
So let me have my money back
And save us both the heart attack

There were clouds over Main Street
You still had your best dress on
I proposed a reunion
You decided not to come
So I got high and did the dishes
Making monkeys out of everyone
You arrived in time to grant three wishes
I've only ever had just one


Our first EP entitled, "The English Department Sing the Hits of Tomorrow...Today", was released in the winter of 2005. We are currently finishing our second EP, "Stick Figures" with producer Jon Kaplan.

Set List

We typically play one 45 minute, 10 song set. It's all original material