the entropy

the entropy


This band's influences range from Fleetwood Mac to Slayer, making it difficult to name their specific genre. When asked, they'll just say hard rock.


The Entropy is a four peice band. They rent a run down house outside of a small town in Ont. called Cookstown (1hr north of Toronto).
This band has many different influences. They've been compared to bands such as Alice in Chains, System of A Down, and Tool.


Nothin New

Written By: Joshua Hutchinson

This is nothin new,but it keeps me alive for at least a day or two,or until I sink my teeth in you.I wont make a difference,I am nothing different,been down here a while,more shit for the pile.Take me your way,I got nothin to say,Ya ya ya ya so anyway.Stuck inside the ride,I'm waiding in the tide,moving through your mind.What am I trying to find.

Into The Light

Written By: Joshua Hutchinson

Stung under the wing,now your my thing to everyone.Hung under the tree,the prize you'll be for all to see.Free will is not what they say it is crushed in the vice of America.Hope we find out just which way it is into the light.Save all that you can,stuck under the hand of war they planned. Stake into the heart to tear us apart,now feed me gold my lies are sold.


Written By: Joshua Hutchinson

Jump on through the water fall.Sunlight brings our morning call,Warm inside the wind today,carries all my thoughts away.Shine, some will shine if only we had the time.Sunbirthed seizured out all day,in my heart is where they stay.Cold outside the wind tonight,carries all my thoughts out of sight. Shine some will shine if only we had the time.


ep entitled: The Entropy
songs include: Nothing new, Into the Light, Some, Bury and Mourn

Set List

A violent mood Swing
Nothing New
Half machine
A Gathering Storm
Bury and mourn
Turn for the Worst
Into the Light
Through the Gate
Tired of everything and everyone
The Healed
Sex and speed
Few Certainties
These Days
Lets End this
Ghost dog.

An Entropy set is normally one to two hours.
The band never plays covers as they feel it takes time that would be better spent writing their own material.