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Electronic Music Producer and DJ from Los Angeles specializing in Melodic Techno Soundscapes.

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Biohazard Digital / System Recordings
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Original Tracks:
Thee-O -"Hearing Things" (Diversion)
Thee-O & Andy Hughes - "Rumbling Bass" (Allied)
Thee-O - "Ostentation" (Biohazard Digital)
Thee-O & Tony Gamboa - "Feel The Heat" (Biohazard Digital)
Thee-O - "Unhinged" (Biohazard Digital)
Thee-O & Merlyn Martin - "Recent Origin" (Biohazard Digital)
Thee-O & Steve Edwards - "Girls Like Robots" (Queep Organic Music)
Thee-O - "Periodic Stress" (Biohazard Digital)
Thee-O - "Sweat" (South Records)
Thee-O - "Muzak E.P" (Knob Records)
Thee-O - "Release Yourself" (Reticent Recordings)
Thee-O - "The Music Speaks" (Hunya Munya)
Thee-O - "Fragments Of Movement" (Bit Records Mexico)
Thee-O - "I Love Acid Music" (Queep Organic House)
Thee-O - "Wave Front" (Acute Recordings)
Thee-O & Tony Gamboa - "Self Esteem" (System Recordings)
Thee-O & Merlyn Martin - "State of Affairs" (Reticent Recordings)
Thee-O - "Dark Matter" (System Recordings)
Thee-O & DMorse - "Back Alley Retro" (Bit Records Mexico)
Thee-O & DMorse - "LA is a 3rd World City" (FullBodySoundSystem)
Thee-O - "Don't Let Go" (SawderSawdust)
Thee-O - "Wanna Fuck" (Redflux Cinnabar)
Thee-O - "Rave Music" (South Records)
Thee-O - "Write The Tune Myself" (Xela Digital)
Thee-O & Dan McKie - "Play" (Reticent Recordings)
Thee-O - "Mystic" (Bodywork / Peak Hour Music)
Thee-O - "Underground Lessons" (Knob Rebords)
Thee-O - "The Music Makes Me (Knob Records)
Thee-O - "Late Night Transmissions E.P." (Peak Hour Music)


Various Artists - "Hot Import Nights" (Visions)
Various Artists - "Mixtape: Ten Fresh Cuts" (System Recordings)
Various Artists - "Mixtape: Nu Electro" (System Recordings)
Various Artists - "Mixtape: Summertime" (System Recordings)
Various Artists - "Mixtape: Fall Collection (System Recordings)
Various Artists - "Mixtape: Winter warming" (System Recordings)
Various Artists - "Get Minimal Volume 2 (System Recordings)
Various Artists - "New Noize" (System Recordings)
Various Artists - "Queep Organic House Volume 1 (Queep)
Various Artists - "Queep Organic House Volume 2 (Queep)

Torin Schmitt - "Techana" (Biohazard Digital)
Tony Mendez - "Soundscapes (130 Recordings)
Tim Richards - "Makes Me What I Am" (Queep Organic Music)
Tom Sawyer - "Psicosis" (Atsuo Records)
Fuzik - "Never Ever" (Queep Organic Music)
Shlavens & D-Lav - "The Breeze" (Slanted House)
Noel Sanger - "Sugar Hollow" (Mining Vinyl)
DJ Styles - "So Bad" (Knob Records)
Steve Edwards - "False Flag" (Biohazard Digital)
Marcelo Vasami - "MG" (Bit Records Mexico)
Cristian Paduraru - "Minimal Perspectives" (Bit Records Mexico)
Julien L - "Walking Man" (Reticent Recordings)
Groove Man - "Makes Me Feel So Good" (Mizumo Music)
Alejandro Rado - "Look My Face" (Wi-Fi Recordings)
Hernan Paredes - "A Day In My Head" (Bit Records Mexico)
Darin Epsilon - "Estrellas" (Biohazard Digital)
Bitwise - "Just Dreaming" (System Recordings)
Royal Sapiens - "San Francisco Love" (Olaris)
Bitwise - "Strangelet" (Nosi Music)
John Scott - "Cause We Love Yah" (Reticent Recordings)
Soren La Rue - "Bastille" (Protium)

As Reef Project:
Reef Project - "Star" (Biohazard)
Reef Project - "Deep End" (Biohazard)
Various Artists - "Other Animals" (Couchblip!)
Reef Project - "New Environs" (Biohazard Digital)