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Thee Phantom

 New York City, New York, USA
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When was the last time you witnessed a 20 piece orchestral ensemble at a Hip-Hop concert? Thee Phantom combines the raw energy and passion of Hip-Hop, with the beautiful, sweeping melodies of live orchestration. Picture B-Boy meets Beethoven. If you're searching for something that will wow your audience, look no further.


When was the last time you witnessed an orchestral ensemble of up to 25 pieces at a Hip-Hop concert? Well, that is but a fraction of what you will get when you catch Thee Phantom in action. Picture B-Boy meets Beethoven. If you're searching for something that will wow your audience, look no further.

Thee Phantom wrote his first rhyme at the age of 8 and made his first beat by mixing the instrumental from the Beastie Boys Paul Revere with Beethovens Fifth Symphony at age 12. It's ironic considering that the particular movement of Beethoven's 5th he chose is entitled, "Destiny", because little did he know, that his combination of B-Boy Meets Beethoven would later open up a world of opportunities for him. The group performed at Carnegie Hall on November 1, 2015 and is currently putting together a tour that will include venues such as; The Kennedy Center, Boston Symphony Hall, The Kimmel Center and more.

This is not a jam band, with the lead vocalist rhyming over funk breaks, nor is it avant garde instrumentation with spoken word accompaniment. This, is Hip-Hop!


Keep It Movin'

Written By: Thee Phantom

Keep It Movin’

1st Verse

1. As the figure drew nearer, the image became clearer.
2. It was me, I was 7 years old rhyming in the mirror.
3. I’m the man, standing in my B-Boy stance.
4. If I ever had the chance, I’d rock from Philly to France.
5. From house parties to jams, to sold out arenas…
6. with millions of fans. It was all part of the plans.
7. I knew I could do it, but who knew the conduit…
8. of life, was full of strife and I soon would move through it?
9. See I remember crying, trying devising plans.
10. Damn, all I gotta do is win the Lotto and I’ll be the man.
11. In it to win some, I was taking L’s and then some.
12. ‘Til reality checks became my only source of income.
13. I hit rock bottom and got deeper.
14. The shorty I knocked and locked down, told me I could not keep her.
15. I was abandoned and stranded up in the lone desert.
16. Bet if I set it solo, mufukas want credit.


Keep on moving.
Don’t stop like the hands of time.
Hip-Hop, you’ll find your own way to make it.
Your time will come one day.

2nd Verse

1. Just let there be a time that I’m going for mine.
2. Showing the shine, blowing your minds and rolling with dimes.
3. Throw in your line, “Member me? I was down with your crew.”
4. And I’ll just look you in your face and say, “Who?”
5. Cause I fought to be respected, my feelings often neglected.
6. Despicably disrespected. From dissing, I disconnected.
7. Desired the disinfectant from the virus and plague.
8. To no longer feel the affects of all the lies that it laid.
9. Everybody’s got opinions on this that and the third.
10. All I ever wanted and needed was to be heard.
11. I do more than just write rhymes. I slit my wrists…
12. And bleed between the guidelines. This shit is my lifeline.
13. Those I had in my ear were liabilities.
14. So concerned with sales and commercial viability.
15. This ain’t a product this is my heart and soul.
16. If I lost my love for it, then part of me’d turned cold.
17. Sick of all the trick politics and shit.
18. Refused to suck dick to fit in a bitch click. That’s it.
19. Secretly making my own moves.
20. Either way win or lose I’d follow my own rules.
21. Got my sight back, in it to win it despite that.
22. Dug deep for the right track and courage to fight back.
23. Now I’m on it like that, refusing to lose and…
24. Showing and proving to you and yours that I’m a keep it moving.


Keep on moving.
Don’t stop like the hands of time.
Hip-Hop, you’ll find your own way to make it.
Your time will come one day.

3rd Verse

1. Still I would often reminisce about the ways I got dissed.
2. I used to get pissed, in the back of my mind I made a hit list.
3. It’s hard to earn was the lesson I learned.
4. My soul yearned to collect some respect until it burned.
5. I turned the other cheek ‘til it became reversible.
6. I’m versatile, but when you ain’t got shit, you take it personal.
7. It’s hard to swallow, pain is a tough act to follow.
8. Barely made it to tomorrow with the sorrow.
9. Lord why have you forsaken me? I’m dying from within.
10. All I really need is six inches and lighter skin.
11. The way I feel inside I can’t even confide in friends.
12. I’m tired of pretending, can’t wait for my life to end.
13. (When?) Silence so I swear I’m destined to fall.
14. Asking questions like, “If this is my best, why try at all?”
15. Simple and plain there’s pain and rain and thunder begins.
16. Then my conscience says, “You lose when you let the others win.”
17. Then I faced my fears, erased the tears.
18. Retraced mistakes, through all those wasted years.
19. Should’ve gave my all, too afraid to fall.
20. Dropped the ball, stalled and just played the wall.
21. But now, it’s all out and I finally have arrived.
22. I do it for the love so my dream will never die.
23. And Phantom’s just refusing to lose and…
24. Showing and proving to you and yours that I’m a keep it moving.

Keep It Movin’
Produced By: Thee Phantom for Invisible Man Productions
Published By: Invisiboy Publishing (ASCAP)
Vocals By: Thee Phantom & The Phoenix


Written By: Thee Phantom

{1st Verse}
I was conceived in the cold, yet I'm fire fam.
Just to be born, I swam over the diaphragm, I know about desire man.
Long before, I ever cursed in a verse.
I was a breach baby reaching out middle finger first.
With the umbilical chord around my neck.
You see, even in the womb I had to fight for respect... So give me mine.
I was meant to be here. There's no sense in being scared.
Jeff was mentally prepared to be eventually revered.
7/11 was the date of my birth.
But due to complications, almost never made my way to this Earth.
The physician told my Mom, I was in the wrong position.
In addition my admission required more than stitching.
She laid upon the table just hoping and wishing.
Tears in her eye, head to the sky, praying for a vision.
It's a wonder how me and my Mother are still this close.
When you consider how my birth almost killed us both.

But I'm here now, there's no reason to fear now.
On a stare down with evil and ready to tear down...
Any foes who oppose you can all get some.
Make way cause here I come.
But I'm here now, there's no reason to fear now.
On a stare down with evil and ready to tear down...
In my path? Feel the wrath, you can all get done.
Make way cause here I come.

{Choral Accompaniment to Chorus}
I will not lose
I will not fail
I will survive
I will prevail
When times get tough
I'll stand my ground
I won't give up
I won't back down

{2nd Verse}
Even as an adolescent, had a musically inclined state of mind.
I sung on the church choir, wrote a rhyme by the age of 9.
Life wasn't a scary hell but no fairy tale.
Mommy and Daddy didnt co-exist very well.
Moved a lot, socially suited I was not.
Seems as soon as I would settle, we uprooted the spot.
Forever the outcast. I remember them days...
Mom would tell me it was only a phase I'd outlast.
But kids they doubt fast. Knew there was something missing.
My peers weren't the only one's that noticed I was different.
So why fight it? It became engrained in my brain.
To the point of being normal was mundane and plain.
Dont be average, you can make magic. And when you do it...
Do it big. Be your best or be the best at it.
My story could've been tragic. Childhood traumatic.
Neighborhood full of pushers and addicts playing in traffic.

{3rd Verse}
Now I'm a man & I'm grown. Trying to stand on my own.
Nobody's lending a hand, I feel I'm stranded alone.
But there are those in my corner. Although I put them through torture.
Fiancee and my mother, my two biggest supporters.
But still it's a tough road, the weight is a truckload.
The love is lukewarm, the hate is with such cold.
So what if I'm not accepted in the local rap community.
Being an outsider has never stopped me from doing me.
Dont want to book me? It's cool, Im going to find a venue.
Whether you're with me or not, the saga will continue.
Do it yourself, what you need is already within you.
When I succeed, I aint got nothing but advice to lend you.
And you can hold the fronting, somebody told me something.
In life, the one thing you learn is nobody owes you nothing.
I made a promise just to give it to you honest.
And pay homage. The shackles of fear, I broke their bondage.


Written By: Thee Phantom


1st Verse
I stand before you the proud son of Linda Rosemary Oliver.
Surrogate Mother to everybody who encounters her.
Arrived on 9-25-1944
While the country was at war, young Linda was being born.
Third youngest of nine, five sisters, three brothers.
James is her Father. Maddie is her Mother.
Delores, Dot, Margaret, Nathaniel & James.
Anna, Butchie and Joanne are all her siblings names.
They lived in North Philly and times were rough.
Her parents never made much but what they had was enough.
My Mother was a tomboy back in the day.
Don't mess with Butchie or Joanne, 'cause Linda don't play.
Doing what she felt she had to do at the time.
Dropped out of school in the 5th grade to help with her Mom.
Never a sacrifice she wasn't willing to make.
Would do whatever it takes for her family's sake.

You inspire me.
With the vision to see what I desire to be.
To put it plain & simply.
I offer you this symphony.
For everything you've given me.
Your love has always lifted me.
Your struggle set my soul on.
That's how much it meant to me.
I thank God that you're part of the plan.
That's why I will always be your number one fan.

2nd Verse
Her parents kept her close, knowing that boys creapt.
19 before they let her come down to the 1st step.
But Linda wasn't interested in those guys at the time.
They only wanted one thing and she paid them no mind.
But in 1966 she met Stanley McNeill.
He was sort of a rebel with a manly appeal.
Cool, intelligent, but rough around the edges.
Ran with a gang. Smoked Benson & Hedges.
Strong personality and she was impressed.
Before that, her suitors tried to schmooze with finesse.
But Stan had a plan and tried his best to court her.
About a year later, they were blessed with a daughter.
Named her Angelina and it all seemed straight.
They followed that with a son named Stan in '68.
But things would get difficult and this was her test.
She would need a strong soul, to get through what came next.
Maddie was diagnosed with cancer but before she passed.
Asked Linda not to mary Stan, 'cause it wouldn't last.
She left in '70, '72 their marriage started.
Then James soon departed 'cause he was broken hearted.
By now, things had changed between Stanley and Linda.
Arguments became physical, patience seemed thinner.
They had their final child back in '73.
Guess I don't have to tell you that the boy was me.


3rd Verse
Now the story deepens, to night I awake from sleeping.
To hear the sad sounds of my Mother weeping.
Marriage was abusive, my Father was reclusive.
Visions of the happy home she'd known were elusive.
Packed up the kids and left, came back.
Left, came back. Always the same crap.
In fact it got worse, nightly like it was quite rehearsed.
It's hard for me to write this verse.
My Mom never complained what life dealt her.
We felt her pain. We even spen time in a shelter.
But she would always hug us, let us know she loved us.
And deep down we knew she'd never place no one above us.
Born to be a Mother, her will was so strong.
To keep a roof over our head, she'd hold on.
But whatever she did. She would never forgiver herself.
If she couldn't provide better for her kids.
So she came home and tried to work it out.
Until we got grown, then she moved on.
To a life of her own. After suffering...
through all the trials and tribulations, liberations quite strong.
This one I give to you, so take a bow.
There's nothing in the world I won't do to make her proud.
'Cause she's an angel sent from heaven above.
The true embodiment of unconditional love.


The Entertainer

Written By: Thee Phantom

Near or far
Though I may roam
Out on the stage
I'm right at home
I do not seek
Fortune and fame
But when I leave
You'll know my name
You'll know my name

1st Verse
1. It all started when the man was a youth.
2. Sang on the choir, took lessons on piano and flute.
3. Back then, they should’ve known riding the rhythms was his fate.
4. Because the kid was only 8 and he was digging in the crates.
5. As he listened to the greats, from Motown to Mozart.
6. The Beatles, Beethoven and Bob James.
7. It’s kind of tight, the way it happened that night.
8. His father first played him, ‘Rapper’s Delight’, it all changed.
9. It’s like a moment that was stopping in time.
10. A week later he was jotting his lines and dropping his rhymes.
11. In his mind he knew it was something more than music.
12. The art seemed suited like he was born to do it.
13. The kid stuck to it, the flows became fluid.
14. Confidence he exuded, his soul remained rooted.
15. He just took his time, wrote in his book of rhymes.
16. Just waiting for his moment to shine.


2nd Verse
1. He was an introverted child.
2. Though he would listen and learn and then convert it in his style.
3. Everyone that knew him, thought he had nothing to say.
4. Until the day he went to a house party around the way.
5. The DJ, asked the kids if they were rhyming, thought it was the perfect timing
6. So he stepped up to the mic looking shook.
7. But soon he started flowing and the crowd started going,
8. Next thing you noticed, he was hooked.
9. Was the moment he salivated for.
10. Felt that he was dope, but the audience validated more.
11. Thoughts he would relate it, feelings he could convey it.
12. Always had something to say, he just never knew how to say it.
13. But it wasn’t all peaches and cream.
14. He’d encounter many an obstacle while reaching his dream.
15. To get all that he envisioned, in holes he can’t be pigeoned.
16. Through the music he would escape the reality he was living.


3rd Verse
1. Alone in his hotel room.
2. Practicing flowing, knowing the show will go down soon.
3. Reminiscing on how blessed his life is.
4. With the stress and crisis, getting to do what he loved is priceless.
5. Now he’s backstage pacing, mind and heart racing.
6. In stride with the dream he’s chasing. Awaiting...
7. The curtain goes up, he rips the mic from the socket.
8. Whether it’s 2, 200 or 2,000, he still rocks it.
9. Energy rushing from the crowd, pumping it loud.
10. You see his chest puffing cause he’s proud.
11. This introverted child is transformed to a man storming
12. The stage, ripping any song that he puts his hands on.
13. He stands strong by following the fire within.
14. Hoping to inspire the way that music inspired him.
15. Coming soon to a theater near you.
16. And here he is without further ado. He is The Entertainer!


Sweet Dreams

Written By: Thee Phantom

1st Verse
Dreamed it would start with a ready, set, go. 
Dreamed I'd be killing with a venomous flow.
Dreamed I'd be rocking this track with a 20 piece 
backing me on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Dreamt of the units that my album would sell. 
Dreamed my account would be fat as hell.
Dreamed of Ebony, Jet, Time, Rolling Stone, 
GQ, The Source, King, & XXL.
Dreamed that I would be the leader of the band. 
The man with 20,000 people in the stands.
Waving my hand, fans scream on demand.
New York, LA overseas in Japan.
On a 1st class flight. Thirst for the mic.
Spit a verse that's tight, kid I'm worth that hype.
Hoped & I prayed & rehearsed that's right.
To be immersed in the life that I dreamed of at night.

2nd Verse
Dreamed that I would find somebody who believed.
And helped me achieve all the dreams that I weaved.
Never gave up, I navigated the thieves.
Who pray on the naive and easily deceived.
Dreamed that I was gonna be given my shot.
So I made a promise to give it all I got.
If you were trying to foil the plot, you'd get dropped.
Til the moment that tell me it's over, I can't stop.
Though it seems disturbed, never dreams deferred.
Forget what you heard, better heed the word.
No matter what occurred, never be deterred.
Following my dreams, the better me's emerged.
I stand in tact, I can’t hold back.
It’s been an uphill climb, I planned on that.
So whenever I spit I damage the track.
You don’t know where I’ve been, I can’t go back.

3rd Verse
Dreamed I can reach all the kids of today. 
Give em all a dream like MLK. 
Be a role model, show em something to follow.
Maybe hit the lotto get my people out the grotto.
Live for tomorrow, do it full throttle.
Never beg, borrow and don’t be shallow.
Stay intelligent and you'll be relevant.
Did you ever dream that you would see a black President.
Two terms and it still don't stop.
Til the moment you can chill on top.
Dream of the day you can walk down the block.
Get skittles and an iced tea and not get shot.
Dreamed I’d live fat, dreamed I’d give back.
Dreamed I’d follow my dreams, see I did that.
Dreamed I’d be in it to fight this long.
Cause I dreamed that one day I’d write this song.