The Epics

The Epics


real rock&roll with a indie flavor. The Epics can go from cosmic rockin dance tunes to ballads that make you wanna fall in love or jump the plank for someone.


The Epics, as they choose to call themselves, were formed way back in 2003 in a sleepy little factory town called Turners Falls. After brief hiatuses in college, travel, life they have gotten back together once again to bring you musical bliss. Featuring the writing, vocals, and guitars of Jesse Smith and Eric(Ched) Jacques their sound has progressed far beyond that of the rest of the "valley". Rythmic stylings provided by Gaetan Jacques on bass and Cole Boulanger on kit hold the beat steady so the train keeps on rolling. Together their original sound creates the wonderful world of The Epics often likened to that of a separate nation due to it's individual culture and language. So on behalf of the whole band, welcome to The Epic Nation. Come! Adventure awaits!The giants on whose shoulders we choose to stand are: The Beatles, The Clash, Oasis, Jet, Johnny Cash, Mando Diao, Willie Nelson, Simon And Garfunkel, Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, The Killers, The Beatles, The Who, The Pogues, Kings of Leon, Led Zeppelin, The Raconteurs, The Rolling Stones


Recording in progress...

Set List

Throwing Stones, Eyes of Irony, Deep Sea Love, Satan's lair, Get Out, Walk the Plank Ethereal, Amnesty and more!
Typical set could run from 40min to two hours.
the Epics do not really do covers but if so they would come from their musical influence band heroes.