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"Paper Route/ The Epilogues Live Review"

Paper Route, above, was great last week at the Black Sheep, but the Nashville band was upstaged by locals the Epilogues, who put on an excellent show. - Denver Post - Denise Chambers

"Under The Lights - The Epilogues"

Colorado Music Buzz
Rock: Under The Lights - The Epilogues

Friday, August 01, 2008 | by B.A. Frederick

As a kid, dreams are aplenty. To be a lawyer; to be a doctor; a fireman or a cop – these are the common intentions of a child aiming to be a showcased success. To most, the dream fades with time and the rigors of maturation dim the constant nags of what could have been. Others pursue those desires and do in fact carry on the hardships of higher education, law school, residency and the continual life training. While in pursuit of those destinations, another group of people take an entirely different path. Sometimes these career gamblers even forego the university lifestyle in hopes to become what so little have done in the industry. Becoming a musician, at least for a short time, takes an individual that has an entirely different relationship with his craft than others, knowing full well that failure is most likely inevitable and a dream may only be just that. Seeing a minute possibility that they may in fact make it a reality, musicians tend to ignore statistics. In my few years of being a music journalist no other posse of gentlemen I've witnessed have shown me what dedication to music is, more so than The Epilogues. For the last three years I've had the honor of being part of their household, seeing the bottom of the bag lows and the even brighter oppositions. I've made lifelong friends with all, and have seen what true inspiration looks like. This - is The Epilogues.

As cliché as a made for TV movie can be, the birth of the band was much like any other. Front-man Chris Heckman and Nate Hammond (both founding members of the antecedent band Epilogue) met at a young age, both with a common interest in music. A few of the only kids in high school to excel not only at sports, but the less than popular choir and band class – these two formed a hard edged bond that would set the caissons needed to build The Epilogues.

June of '06 - one drummer down, the three original members (bassist Jim Beasley, now with the All Capitals) did what any other band in their position would do - they networked. Luckily, a friend of an acquaintance, who knew somebody, who told somebody else had a young drummer from up north in mind. Jason Hoke, known best as Baby J, didn't just have a background in drumming, he was born into it. As a son of a prolific drummer himself, Jason paraded his skills around the nation; becoming co-founder of the Denver Percussion company, and even teaching workshops to underprivileged children. The spot was filled, and the band continued.

When then bassist Jim Beasley and the band mutually split ways, Chris phoned a friend and slyly convinced him that moving from South Dakota to Denver was in his best interest. Jeff Swoboda – then a Sioux Falls E.M.T. and recent student at Colorado State University – was convinced enough and moved into the oft times chaotic band house, giving The Epilogues a much needed dynamic. With his admission, Epilogue added "The" and an "S" to thwart any future lawsuits from an already established artist. Now, it became more than just a hobby. The eggs were all thrown in a weather worn basket, and the seriousness of the situation was now a reality.

The Beautiful, The Terrifying is The Epilogues first album that was released last July at a venue packing performance at The Marquis. The crowd was well aware that The Epilogues were a different sort of artist, but little did many of them know – the road to dropping their LP was a far cry from the typical write, record, release scenario. Shady supporters, failed attempts with recording studios and just a lack of overall expendable cash made the 18 month jaunt (more than three years for Chris and Nate) impossible for the group to lay what they believed they needed to take their band to a higher level. Luckily for them, the wait gave them enough time to settle all details and subtle nuances in the album that give it its signature sound. The Beautiful, The Terrifying, to me, is the creation of raw talent, excruciating patience and above all an iron-fist dedication that new acts need to model themselves after if they themselves wish to break out in an already watered down industry.

Unfortunately for me, with limited space comes a limited story - consider this The Epilogues ice-berg. Being behind the scenes of one of Colorado's most promising acts has truly been one of the best experiences of my life. I've lived in three years what most people only fantasize – and as 2008 has gone so far – will continue to do so until the cycle brings in the new batch. As for The Epilogues, dreams are becoming realities. A summer tour, Ernie Ball stage at The Warped Tour, a finished album and countless music festivals is only the beginning of what '08 will bring them. As the saying goes, their work is paying off and finally, the recognition for their art is rising fast.

Now – It's The Epilogues turn. - Colorado Music Buzz

"The Epilogues... The Beautiful, The Terrifying CD Review"

It seems more and more every week I am getting to know the founders of a great local band called The Epilogues. If you don't know who The Epilogues are by now…..
1. You don't go to enough local shows and…..
2. What's wrong with you?

It seems electronic rock/pop/alternative rock is becoming more and more accepted among listeners. But to be truthful, it's been around for awhile, and Denver finally got a taste full. The Epilogues have not jumped on the band wagon; rather, they have been making great music like this for awhile. After talking with Chris (vocals/guitar) and Jeff (Bass) the other night, more in-depth about the release of the bands new CD, The Beautiful, The Terrifying, I realized how much they back up the music they create, and how much this CD means to them. I have never seen another band so happy and so excited to show everyone what they can do! It's refreshing! I watched them walk up and down the streets handing out the new CD to everyone they saw. Even bums! In fact to make this review more legit, I am listening to the CD now while I type this, its only fare, right?
Wow. The CD is clear and mixed/mastered smooth, Colorado Sound and J.P. Manza , along with The Epilogues, produced a great CD. How lucky is Denver to have a great local band, that's fun to hang out with and are great guys in general? I will tell you….LUCKY!
The 8 Track CD seems kind of short, but we have to understand, these guys have no label yet and it cost a lot of money to produce a CD with money coming out of your own pocket. But having 8 quality tracks on your first CD is going to make you want more….. and trust me you will want more. I am still listening to the CD while I write this, and I still cant get over how well its produced, and they do not have a label yet! Crazy!
Anyways… favorite tracks on the CD is 6 (The Escape), 2 (Hurting You), and
4 (Caroline), but then I got to thinking, Wait, all these tracks I like are the songs I usually hear when I grab a girl and start dancing,when they play live.... Weird…..hummmmm?
Hurting You (2) is produced and mixed a lot better then the EP Demo they have out. This is a good sign that the band is starting to grow together, and becomming more mature with the music they create.
One more thing I can not forget to mention is that The Epilogues have their own light machine and synchronizer. They even built their own lighting boxes and unique lighting equipment! So Sick! It makes every show different, and when the smoke machine goes off….. it makes for one epic show!
You need to check it out for yourself! Oh and get this CD The Beautiful, The Terrifying! -

"The Epilogues Bring Sexy Back (and the 80s)"

I figured since they were just featured on the Saturday Morning Videos, that now is as good of a time as ever to get to know the Epilogues.

The Epilogues are one of our Colorado bands that are making some huge waves across the country. They have been flying relatively under the radar for a couple of years, quietly plugging away and doing their thing. But in the past year, they’ve really stepped up their game and exploded onto the national scene. They are one of those working bands that are putting Colorado music on the map.

This is a band that I truly like on a lot of levels. Always first is the music. It’s full of energy, there are some great lyrics, and it contains a newness while bringing a nostalgic throwback to the synth heavy 80s.epilogues4

Secondly, they put on a terrific show. Not only do they travel with their own lights, the band has achieved a chemistry that results in high energy antics that keep the crowd with them through the whole show. And lastly, they are just good people who love music. They don’t take themselves too seriously and they are huge supporters of their fellow musicians. Translation: Crowds, other musicians and their fans LOVE them.

That love was clear as day, when they placed second at KTCL’s 2008 Hometown for the Holiday, but took home the fan choice award. The adoration continued this year as they were one of the most anticipated Colorado bands to play at SXSW, pulling in big numbers at all of their shows in Austin. The comraderie between their fellow musicians was apparent, as they made it a point to support other Colorado musicians who were also playing the festival. And the not taking themselves too seriously? Check out this clip where they joined the Photo Atlas onstage at their SXSW showing (Nate is the cutout cowboy with the tambourine, just in case you couldn’t tell).

They’ve since been on the road, spreading their music and the goodwill of the Colorado music scene across the country. Currently, they are ripping through California before making a pit stop in Denver this weekend as part of KTCL’s Big Gig. They join national favorites All American Rejects, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Goldfinger at Fiddler’s Green this Saturday before heading back west to finish up their tour.

They’ll be playing Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest on Saturday August 15th at 1:30 on our Mountain Avenue Stage. Check them out on for their full tour schedule and to hear some tunes. I recommend Hurting You and King Arthur and also reading their tour diary… - Bohemian Nights Blog

"'The Epilogues' rise in music scene, synth-emo sound"

If you don't know about The Epilogues, you no longer have an excuse.

They have, after all, been steadily rising in the ranks of the Denver music scene with a unique brand of danceable synth-emo for the last year.

The band played at the Aggie last week, and their bass player, Jeff Swoboda, is a former Fort Collins resident. Recently, the quartet has been interviewed by both CTV, the campus TV station, and KCSU 90.5 FM, the campus radio station.

But if you need more reasons why you should know The Epilogues, just listen to their new, debut EP: "The Beautiful, The Terrifying."

For that matter, just listen to the first track. "King Arthur" starts the party off right with a killer beat and one of the EP's most irresistible synth-lines. The only question is whether you should get your groove on or cut yourself in time to the catchy-but-anguished chorus: "I'm still alive / but I can't let go of this pain inside / so just let me out."

The lyrics of "The Beautiful, The Terrifying" give the impression that lead singer and guitarist Chris Heckman has just broken up with his last seven girlfriends consecutively before writing. But they are also surprisingly well crafted. Take this line, for instance, from "Hurting You": "I'm breaking this down for you / But I'm breaking down here too."

OK, so maybe it's a tad cheesy. But it's easy to want to sing along to the words when they are bathed in a tidal wave of sound that includes layered vocals, soaring synth, clean guitar and an understated but highly effective rhythm section.

The end result sounds something like American New Wave music melded with contemporary sensibilities.

This combination works to greatest effect with "On The Radio." The song builds a head of steam with a percolating electronic beat reminiscent of The Postal Service for over two minutes before exploding into a synth-heavy chorus that could have come from straight out of the '80's.

The tune also serves as a showcase for Heckman's superb vocal delivery. By walking the line between torment and restraint, he lends "On The Radio" its urgent, vital energy.

There is certainly no shortage of energy on "The Beautiful, The Terrifying." However the EP is bogged down by the fact that all of the songs consist of approximately the same tempo, mood and aesthetic. It doesn't help that the recording quality is just a step below professional, rendering some segments a little muddy.

But these are small problems on an EP that shows big promise. If "The Beautiful, The Terrifying" is any indication, this probably won't be the last time you hear about The Epilogues. - The CSU Collegian

"Album Review: The Epilogues – The Beautiful, The Terrifying"

My summer has me placed in the armpit of Texas where the local music scene appears to be as diverse as the monotonous, muggy weather. A nice bit of relief from the Texas country that is so prevalent (no offense) came from a band that strove from the beginning to be unique. The Epilogues, a fixture of the Denver music scene for the last few years, set out with a different take on music. Their combination of synth, guitar riffs, and dance beats has achieved and surpassed their goal of a new, different style that is just as good as it is separated.

The Beautiful, The Terrifying starts with arguably their best song. Unashamed of their synth melodies, the song, “King Arthur,” is driven by the varied, yet simple tune. The rest of the album falls close to “King Arthur” in tempo and instrumentation. Synth and the guitar mutually support each other in forming the backbone for The Epilogues. Both vary in tone, style, and strength with each song. While one or the other tends to fall into the background when most bands mix guitars and synth, The Epilogues manage to keep both equal. Vocally, The Epilogues are also rather unique. It takes a bit to get used to his lispy vocals, but it’s hardly noticed when you pay attention to the music.

Also, The Epilogues put on a lively show that should never be passed up. Their lively dance beats keep every song moving and fun. - Colorado School of Mines Music Blog


The Beautiful, The Terrifying
Released: Q3 2008
Distribution: All major digital outlets, select CIMS/AIMS locations in tour markets
Radio: College / Non-Comm add date: September, 8, 2008

The Friendship EP
- Split EP with The Photo Atlas
Released: Q4 2009
Distribution: All major digital outlets, select CIMS/AIMS locations in tour markets
Radio: College / Non-Comm add date: October, 13, 2009



Meshing dark undertones with infectious dance hooks, The Epilogues began as two friends (singer/guitarist Chris Heckman and keyboardist Nathaniel Hammond) hoping to create something different in the Denver scene. After years of experimenting with tones and effects, as well as the additions of drummer Jason Hoke and bassist Jeff Swoboda, the band eventually stumbled onto the sound that would, in fact, set them apart from the rest. If you wanted to keep it vague, you could call them indie rock or even synth rock, but past that, the genre lines begin to blur. In their debut EP, "The Beautiful, The Terrifying," The Epilogues have somehow managed to successfully walk the line between mainstream and experimental music. The tracks seamlessly transition between such radio-friendly, pop-rock tracks as "Hurting You" and less traditional, electronic-influenced tracks like "On the Radio" or "Caroline." While there is no shortage of influences that gave rise to these songs, The Epilogues have a sound that is very much all their own.

All American Rejects, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Phoenix, Goldfinger, Saosin, The Sounds, Innerpartysystem, Spill Canvas, Five For Fighting, Ghostland Observatory, The Darling Thieves, Meese, The Fixx, Flobots, P.O.S., Vaux, Paper Route, Mest, Melissa Etheridge, Single File, The Photo Atlas, The Romantics, Clipse, Breathe Carolina, Grieves, Tickle Me Pink, Eye Alaska, Oh No Not Stereo, Oceana, New Politics, Drive By Truckers, Little Brazil, Savoy, Ra Ra Riot, Black Gold, Barcelona, Funeral Party, Trevor Keith, The Wildbirds, Aiden, Madina Lake, Bassnectar and MANY more.

Warped Tour (regional) ’08 & ’09; South by Southwest ’07,’09 & ’10; CMJ ’09, Red Gorilla Music Fest. ’09 & ’10; Bohemian Nights 2009; Pacsun Tour (Regional) 2009; KTCL’s Big Gig ‘09 at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater; University of Northern Colorado’s Block Party ’08 & ’09 (Headlining Act in 2009); Westword Music Showcase ’08, ’09 & ’10; Denver Post Underground Music Showcase ’08,’09 &’10; Film on the Rocks at Red Rocks Amphitheater 2010; Mile High Music Festival 2010

- Westword’s “Best Modern Rock Band” ’09 & ‘10
-Winners of Westword’s Best of the West 2010
- KTCL’s Hometown for the Holidays “crowd favorite” 2008
- First place in KTCL’s Hometown for the Holidays 2009 (past winners include The Fray, Single File, Meese, and The Flobots)
-KTCL’s Big Gig winners 2009
-#3 artist on monthly charts (April ’10)
-#1 album on 90.5 KCSU’s local charts for over 2 months
-Third highest attendance level (sold out + in/outs) in The Marquis Theatre (Denver) history

THE EPILOGUES recently released their first music video for “Hunting Season,” which was then submitted into the 93.3 Music Surveys. After the first week in the surveys, it has returned with nearly all outstanding/ positive feedback.
THE EPILOGUES are currently working on their third studio album, to be released early 2011.

"The Epilogues stole the night. Their energy was infectious."
- Denise Chambers,