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a.) A particular period of history, especially one considered remarkable or noteworthy. b.) A notable event that marks the beginning of such a period.
For as long as pop music has existed, Epochs hometown of NYC has been a hotbed of innovation. In just the last few decades the studious music fan has observed the inception of art damaged pop, punk rock, hip-hop and the consequent sub-cultures that followed. And yet despite this amazingly rich American music history nearly every pop oriented band will throw out all the overused influences--Wilson, McCartney and Lennon of course being the usual suspects. This musical vocabulary shorthand has become a sad excuse for cuts in line for the sake of pre-packaged accessibility. Especially when a band claims for itself a sound that defies categorization in the same breath.
In light of the above, carefully picking and choosing the right musical innovations to keep pop music interesting while still retaining a pop sensibility can prove to be quite a feat these days. This challenge requires a skilled set of musicians to effectively pull off and Epochs are just such a band.
Though brothers Ryan and Hays Holladay may self deprecatingly deflect the grandiose quality of their chosen moniker, their name is fitting. Epochs weave a timelessly melodic sensibility into the deconstruction of Brian Eno, around the glitchi-ness of modern electronica, through the claustrophobic big city drudgery of No Wave and somehow wrap it up into the astuteness of classical training while uncannily avoiding a musically un-listenable schizophrenic meltdown.
Brothers Holladay were born and raised outside of Washington DC and after years of collaboration and honing their brand of multi-instrumental stage acrobatics formed Epochs. Later Aaron Reed, (keyboards) Kotchy Curlow (drums) and Kevin Smith were added to the mix. But the story of the band coming together through standard organic channels of school mate associations and want ads is merely incidental to where the respective members have been and where they’re going.

The band has recently made a bi-coastal leap of faith by moving to Seattle where the bands label DC3 Entertainment has set up their base of operations. Most would content themselves by leeching off of the credibility of what has been trendily perceived of late as an artistic renaissance happening in the indie world in their hometown of Brooklyn. But Epochs move is telling in that they aren’t content with musical associations as much as pushing themselves out of a comfort zone for the sake of soaking up new inspiration.

Epochs are just barely out of the gate in terms of their history but already miles ahead of a pop music world creatively stuck in the cultural ditch of the lowest common denominator. Epochs music requires the engagement of the listener, paints a thoughtful, non-patronizing social/global consciousness and retains just enough edginess for the musically accessible elements to actually stick to.