If Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa had been lesbians and then had gone to North Korea to adopt a baby, they would have named the baby Cindy. When cindy got older she would have received a cat for christmas. That cat would have been named "The=Equation."


Incorporating the improv elements of a jamband with the energy of metal, and tossing in sampled loops, Its no question that The Equation is greater than the sum of their parts.
Forming in 1998 as a four piece straight ahead rock outfit-sans-singer, The Equation has morphed into band that brings a new meaning to fusion. The Equation churns out as much sound as four people possibly can. It's not uncommon to hear ten guitar parts playing the melody,while bass,drums,and hammond are pounding out the rythm. The Equation doesn't just strive to achieve these seemingly impossible soundscapes, we've straight up made a habit of it.


+-�x (EP) -1999
The Voice of Music (EP) -2001
The=Album -2002
Fuck the Speakers -2005

Set List

"Typical" set:
It's A Wicked World (in all meridians)
Black on Black
Gypsy Massacre
Dr. Manhattan