The Era

The Era

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

The Era -- music to move you. Our music and band is 4 guys who want to make music that blends all styles and genres and brings them together to form a technically enriching and enjoyable music experience; all the while having a great time doing what we do. Our goal is that whoever listens, enjoys!


The Era, was started two years ago under the name Meddle, by Mr. Bryan English. At that time he worked as a solo project making recordings using funk loops, and trancy beats to play under his smooth vocals and soulful guitar work. After about a year of doing this Bryan wanted to expand his music and start a band to do shows with. For a couple months he and a friend did some strictly accoustic shows, however soon after experiencing the live scene, he realized he wanted more. Thats when he enlisted his old time friend Kyle Klingman, to come and drum for him. He and Kyle had played together years before this but fell out of touch for a while but thankfully the magic of music spun its web and brought them back together. Things started to come along quickly after that. After bringing Kyle on board Bryan was introduced to Carey Freeman, a virtuoso on bass. And honestly within in a week after meeting Carey the sound was evolving to something so much more, and only Zac Newbrey could complete the sound we were looking for, and did he ever. Our sound changed so much that to keep the same name that Bryan inherited when he began would not do what we have become justice. So that is where The Era began, hopefully our band name will describe how long our music sticks around. We want to impact peoples lives with our music, and we believe we can do that. We are influenced from all facets of music, bands like weatherbox, look mexico, pearl jam, pink floyd, jimi hendrix, jimmy eat world, CCR, DMB, KOL, Zepplin, and so much more. Bottom line: The Era wants to someday be a house hold name because we believe our music is open to be enjoyed by all walks of life and that would be lovely! Peace-The Era


The Era : EP (2010)

Set List

Lonely Autumn
You are the One
Good Old Boy
She gets me high
High times for Peace
A Better You