The Erin Hill Band

The Erin Hill Band

 Lilburn, Georgia, USA

Erin Hill is a singer/songwriter/musician whose style, voice and fresh approach to rock/pop is a welcome addition to the music industry. The Erin Hill Band, an original band that combines rock and pop to produce a unique sound and show. The interaction between Erin and her fans makes it fun for all.


Erin Hill has been playing music, singing and songwriting since the age of 14. Performing first in all-girl bands she is now a professional artist. Her debut album, "Livin' Young" proves once and for all why Erin is known for her incredible songwriting skills. Beautiful, sensative and insightful lyrics, and wonderful catchy looks are the hallmark of this becutiful yound lady's talent. Combined with Erin's own style of unique chord patterns and voice makes "Livin' Young" the breakthrough CD of 2010.


Erin's first EP "Livin' Young" is now available at her home page: with a full LP to follow shortly. You can hear Erin's music at or her home page. Other merchandise, T-Shirts, Caps etc. can also be found at Erin's homepage.

Set List

Standard stage sizes and arrangements. Guest list for 5 needed for roadies and recording techs.