Seattle, Washington, USA
BandHip HopJazz

"[THEESatisfaction's] jazzy freak-rap science somewhere between Solid Gold, Octavia Butler, and Space Is the Place, but with a bold sound and swagger all its own."


THEESatisfaction are a Seattle based genre-bending duo that celebrate all inclusiveness and empowerment, with playful queer missives. They currently winning over Seattle press with confirmed coverage from LA Times, Chicago Reader,, The Atlantic,, Seattle Times, The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, KEXP, Sound on the Sound, and more.



"That's Weird"- Nov. 2008
"Snow Motion"- Aug. 2009
"Departing Gift"- Sept. 2009
"THEESatisfaction Loves the SA-RA Creative Partners"- Feb. 2010
"THEESatisfaction Loves Stevie Wonder Why We Celebrate Colonialism"- July 2010

THEESatisfaction has songs on rotation on KEXP 90.3 FM including "Waltz", "PTSD", "Icing", "PAUSE", "Reagan" and more.

Set List

THEESat set changes every single show to ensure a personal experience each time for the audience.