The Eskimo Brothers
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The Eskimo Brothers

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
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The Eskimo Brothers EP (2011)
You're Welcome (2012)



An average visit to Nashville, Tennessee usually consists of three major things. Most will usually start with some tours of sites of historic importance, such as the Country Music Hall of Fame or the home of Andrew Jackson. Second would have to be making up your mind on which top notch eatery to fuel up at before a night on the town. This
brings us to the reason you REALLY came to Nashville. The music. You can tell yourself that you wanted to see an old cannonball, but face it... this place isn't called Cannonball City.

Yes, you can catch the Grand Ole Opry show. You may be lucky enough to see the show at Ryman Auditorium. You may even be visiting while a football or hockey game is scheduled in town. The one thing that you will do before, after (or even before and after) these events is visit lower Broadway. You have no choice but to do so. The flashing
neon lights and music pouring out of the honky tonks compel you to. You will once again have your pick of which hard working act you would like to see. Each act playing up to 4 hours per set for the tips that their audience puts in the tip bucket. You can get traditional country, pop country, and even the occasional rock n' roll show with a walk down
the street. Then there will be that one band that catches your eye through the picture window of a honky tonk. That guy IS standing while playing the drums. That guy is
standing ON his upright bass while playing. What's the guy with the Elvis shades playing guitar doing? He's playing it behind his head. After you walk in to see this honky tonk
circus you will discover that it's not just a smart mouthed trick act. These guys can flat out play. It's not quite your granddad's country, and it sure isn't anything like your little sister's country. You have found Tennessee music with an attitude. You have found The Eskimo Brothers.

The Eskimo Brothers are a three piece band made up of musicians from different areas of the country. David Graham on guitar from Oregon, Tyler Boydstun from Arkansas on drums, and Mayrk McNeely on bass from South Carolina. All members of the Eskimo Brothers share vocal duties. The band members also have varying musical musical backgrounds, which all play into the unique sound of the group. The core sound of The Eskimo Brothers is rooted with traditional country, bluegrass and early rock and roll. Hank Williams, Carl Perkins, and Buck Owens musical influences is crystal clear in the band. What makes this group unique is how they lace in a feeling of blues, jazz, gospel and punk to make music that often brings in a fan that wouldn't have country very high on their list.

The band started with Mayrk McNeely meeting David Graham at a bluegrass jam that Mayrk was hosting in a bar south of Nashville. The fiddle player brought David in to sit in
and sing a few songs. The to musicians immediately found common ground and knew that they had to start putting something together, They started with a few players from
the bluegrass jams and started playing on lower Broadway for any pay that they could get just to get a foot in the door. Graham and McNeely tried several different configurations and line ups in search of their sound. After multiple attempts the two decided to make a run as a three piece band. Everything else just seemed to be getting in
the way of what they were in search of musically. McNeely and Graham played several months together with a few different drummers and started to get recognition from
different clubs. The three piece experiment proved to fit well. The band got bigger gigs and bigger crowds. Among the crowds was Tyler Boydstun, a drummer in town who
found familiar ground with what was going on. Tyler approached Mayrk after watching a few shows and asked if he could do some fill in shows for the band. The two went to
lunch and by the end of the conversation Mayrk was convinced that Boydstun should be more than just an occasional drummer in the band. Tyler played various shows with the and for a few months and in late 2010 became the full time drummer for the band.

Since Boydstun's addition the Eskimo Brothers haven't looked back. Each musician pushes each other for the most entertaining show every night, which has in turn produced
a certain amount of unpredictability to the shows. Any given show you will witness these musicians switching instruments, standing on each other's instruments, shot glasses fly, and the occasional adult diaper being worn. Every show has a wide variety of songs that can make the set list as well. Since the band has spread their wings and left the confines of lower Broadway they have noticed that the hard work in Nashville has certainly paid off. The band has an expanded musical catalog and high endurance from playing
four hour sets almost daily. They have also found how to switch up each show and give the best performance for every situation. In fact, Th