Thee Templars

Thee Templars

 London, England, GBR

thee templars are Paul, Liam and Andy. They play a melange of music based on various influences each member brings to the group. Hearts firmly placed in 70's garage and punk


From the hamlets of Essex emerges a band called Thee Templars, comprising of members Thee Paul - 6 string axeman and vocalist, Andy ''Tubthumping'' Brown - stixman, Mr.L - 4 string axeman and vocalist. Although our influences are varied individually, as one rabble we have our feet firmly held in garage/rock/punk. Our sound is raw - hard - english and true and invite allcomers the oppertunity to come along and listen to their merry sound.
''Pick up thine axes and skins and get on with it''

Set List

we have a 30 minute set sorted and have used it a few times over the las t couple of months, this covers either 9 or 10 songs all origional material with about 4 new songs well on the way for inclussion.