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The Ethnographers

Greenville, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Greenville, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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"Unsigned Spot"

Genre: Indie Pop-Rock
Bio: The Ethnographers was formed by Ian and Danielle and quickly grew into a five piece and then into a seven piece in the fall of 2008. With common influences being Radiohead, Stars, Brand New, and Mewithoutyou with the members all listening to everything else also it’s easy to see why Ian says, “We offer enjoyable music that doesn’t fit specifically in any one genre. Our music is heartfelt and our shows are filled with energy and fun.” Their upcoming plans include a new EP in Spring 2011 and an East Coast tour during the summer.
Location: Greenville, NC
Members: Danielle Eiler (Vocals), Megan Kennedy (Vocals), Samantha Hollen (Keys/Percussion), Justin Nelms (Bass), Matt Shapiro (Drums), Luke Rayson (Guitar), Ian Collins (Guitar/Vocals)
Current Release: The Ethnographers (Sept 1st 2009)

Ryan Williford - LMP magazine

"Collide Live gives listeners an alternative venue for positive music"

Just as two live music venues shut down in Greenville, a new one was emerging on Ninth Street: Collide Live.

To celebrate, organizers are hosting a party featuring seven regional rock and metal bands. Collide Live's grand opening will be held 6-11:30 p.m. Sept. 18 with performances by Joe Grizzly, The Ethnographers, Melee, From Tomorrow, Colors of Voltron, Every Single Lie and They Were Heroes. The show is open to all ages; admission is $5.

Executive Director Scott Satterfield said they're using the new venue for worship and other events for the Christian-based organization Collide, but they also hope to host concerts about once a month.

“We're just trying to open our space up to live music — different genres — to try and support local music and to provide an alternative venue,” Satterfield said. “We're a Christian organization so we're trying to provide a positive alternative environment to the rest of the downtown scene.”

The venue will include a concession area for students to grab snack and drinks, or just to hang out.

Satterfield said that not every artist invited to play will be a religious group, but he does require all performers to play positive music. That means no cursing, no drugs and no violence.

For the grand opening, Satterfield said it was easy booking great acts — the bands simply made themselves available.

“We were looking and they wanted a venue,” Satterfield said. “We didn't realize these guys were so desperate for a venue. They just want a place to play.”

More details on the event can be found on Collide Live's Facebook page.

Collide Live is a branch of the non-profit organization Collide. Satterfield said Collide is a group of young adults who come together to worship, host positive community events and work with philanthropic projects. The group started meeting on Sundays at Rumors in February 2006. Then, they had just 12 members.

Recently, with almost 100 students attending each week, they decided to purchase and renovate their own space at 211 Ninth St. — the building that used to house the Greenville Printing Company.

“We're just a group of real people,” Satterfiled said. “We want to be a place where real people with real lives collide with a real God.”

For more information on Collide and its activities, visit

Contact Kristin Day at or (252) 329-9579. - The Daily Reflector


Won 1rst, 2nd and 3rd place for music in the 2009 issue of Rebel 52. - Rebel Magazine

"CD Review: "The Ethnographers" (self-titled)"

Easy on the ears, with catchy tempo, good rhythm and the pleasant vocal talent of ECU student Megan Kennedy, the self-titled album by The Ethnographers is now available.
Hailing from Greenville, N.C., this six-person independent rock band is comprised solely of ECU students and alumni, including two vocalists, two guitarists, one drummer and one keyboardist.
"The Ethnographers" center around the themes of young love, adolescent imagination and trust issues involving significant others. Tying all these ideas together is an underlying coming-of-age vibe.
From the introductory track on the album, the listener is immediately brought into the realm of youth.
Kennedy whispers, "Hey, are you awake? I'm having trouble sleeping… will you tell me a story?"
The following song on the album speaks from a childlike point of view as well. The lyrics of "Fine and Dandelions" for instance say: "In the sky eating cotton candy clouds and I'm glad you're with me." This particular song seems to be a struggle between childhood innocence and young adult romance. After the clouds, the song shifts into adult relationships with the words, "Tangled up in sheets and I'm glad you're with me." Directly after being in bed, the listener is catapulted back to childhood again with: "In a field picking dandelions… and I'm glad you're with me."
A girl (voiced by Kennedy) laments over a new lover in the song "I Was Young Once." Again displaying the desire to be young and carefree with the troublesome feelings of coming into adulthood she says, "I want you. I'm scared, too."
The style and sound of Kennedy's singing is similar to Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries.
Like O'Riordan, Kennedy is able to combine her strong, yet soothing voice with fast-paced music that is both upbeat and emotional.
Kennedy, backed by her instrumental band mates, makes up an eclectic group of musicians whose talent will make listening to their songs an enjoyable experience. Always on key, on beat and well played, this album will delight those listeners who have a keen musical ear and even those who don't.
Although the songs of The Ethnographers compilation do not imply studies of foreign culture, the origin of the band holds a special meaning to the group's members.
"An ethnographer is someone who studies different cultures," said Kennedy. "Our music is like a mish mosh of different genres combined into one."
The Ethnographers performed last Thursday at Lucky's on Fifth Street in Greenville where copies of the album were sold.
For more information on the band or to purchase a copy of their CD, contact The Ethnographers online at - The East Carolinian

"Local Music"

Used in renowned Local Music Word Search. - G-Vegas Magazine

"Women with Voices"

A review on talented women of Greenville, NC. - Her Magazine


The Ethnographers (Self-titled LP)
+available on iTunes and

NEW EP to Released Spring 2011!



The Ethnographers is an indie/pop/rock band based out of Greenville, North Carolina, and consists of Megan Kennedy and Danielle Eiler on vocals, Luke Rayson on guitar, Ian Collins on guitar and vocals, Samantha Hollen on keyboard and backup vocals, Justin Nelms on bass, and Matt Shapiro on drums and percussion.
The Ethnographers began their voyage in the summer of 2008 as a group of friends looking to experiment with each others' varying musical upbringings. Over the following year, they experienced several member additions and line-up changes, and added numerous local shows under their belt. By fall 2009, the band had found their most promising roster yet and since then has created a truly distinctive sound and loyal fan base. With their playful, yet convincing live shows, the band has demonstrated that they have the fortitude to turn what they've mastered on their record into an especially commanding experience onstage. Each of the seven members has their own distinguished style and poise; however, the medley finds the means to harmoniously gravitate together as friends and as artists. The name "The Ethnographers" was chosen as a reference to all of the band members' different musical influences and their universal desire to create an eclectic, yet inclusive, artifact that induces even the hardest of rockers to tap their feet and sing along with heartfelt conviction.