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"Great grrly punk CD!!!!"

Reviewer: Annie
This album lived up to my expectations. It's chock-full of fun, catchy punk songs. I love the lead singers voice! It can be girly and pretty one minute and hard rocking the next! My fave tracks are "Dead and Gone", "All Right, All Right", and "No More Suprises". They are all amazing though. I definately reccomend this album. -

"The Ettes, The Bruises at the Silverlake Lounge - March 21, 2005"

Another show with two really good bands. I had seen the Ettes open for Tsar a few weeks ago so I decided to check them out again during their Monday night residency at the Silverlake Lounge. They rocked again with their short but sweet hook filled songs. If I have to compare them to someone, I'd say they are like a slightly less loud and more melodic version of Bangs. It's especially fun to watch the drummer who
just attacks the drums with reckless abandon, almost knocking over her cymbal numerous times and just looking like she's having fun playing drums like a maniac. The Ettes will be at the Silverlake Lounge for one more Monday on March 28.


"Ettes Not Your Typical Girl Group"

By Stephan Martin

It is a near impossible task to steal the show from the legendary Go Go’s, but the Ettes came as close to doing that as anyone possibly could. The Ettes put on a flawless performance combining a rock and punk sound that kept the audience in a state of energy, as they opened for the Go Go’s Tuesday night at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip.

Given the opportunity to play the biggest show of their career, the Ettes did not waste anytime, as they were able to hook the audience with their sound from the opening song "Gimme".

The trio of Coco Hames, lead singer and guitarist, Poni Silver, drums, and Terra Cloyes, bass, come out on stage looking like three cute, young girls who may give you a few ballads mixed in with their rock songs, but that is not the case. You will find no ballads here and the Ettes easily pull off their edgier than most act.

Following "Gimme", with "Dead and Gone", "Eat the Night", also the name of the Ettes debut album, and "Get Out" all stayed with the same high tempo sound. These songs also gave one the feeling that they could all easily reach a wider audience with their rhythm that kept the audience dancing, while just adding fan after fan to their list with each and every song.

In the middle of the set the Ettes broke out with the Clash song "Should I Stay or Should I Go", which clearly reflected the punk sound that can be found throughout their music.

Dirty On The Inside gave that angry and chaotic punk sound that would have made the Clash proud. Although you can feel the intensity that Coco brings to the lyrics, her voice never loses that oh so appealing tone that gives the audience.

The second to last song of the night, "Beggars", brought the intensity down, just a little, but that was enough to hear the softer side of Coco’s incredible voice, and clearly showed that she could sing any genre of song she wanted.

The Ettes went right back to their fast and furious sound to end the show with "No More Surprises", a song that allowed Poni to really dominate the song with her drum play and she finished the song and concert with a drum solo that left the crowd wanting more.

If you are just finding the Ettes, the great thing is that you won’t find one band on their CD and a different version live, and there is a reason for that.

"We did everything first take, that first-take energy is very important to us," Coco said. "We might miss a note or a beat, or my voice will be off-key, but that’s a sacrifice we are willing to make because we like that live straightforward sound."

To get more information on the Ettes and where to find their CD, you can visit their website at, and to get the true Ettes experience you can see them live at El Cid in Los Angeles on June 24th.


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Eat The Night is the first demo LP from The Ettes available for a limeted time at and

Debut album out in Spring 2006

Check them out on Myspace:


Feeling a bit camera shy


Boredom is death!" declares Lindsay "Coco" Hames, lead singer/songwriter for LA-based band THE ETTES. "You'll never see us bored... or boring." That's for sure. Since their inception in early 2004, THE ETTES have taken Los Angeles by storm. Drawing inspiration from old school punk, such as the Stooges, the Slits, and the Ramones, as well as more melodic acts such as Portishead and Holly Golightly, THE ETTES have developed a rock-and-roll sound all their own.
THE ETTES have been compared to such acts as Thee Headcoatees, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the Strokes. Their live energy is contagious, and the girls found out their large-scale appeal when they were placed in the Top 5 Finalists to be featured on Fox's "The OC" without even knowing it! As DJ TK from LA's INDIE 103.1 puts it, simply, "THE ETTES ROCK!"

Moving west from NYC, Coco and Maria "Poni" Silver met up in Los Angeles. Stuck in a new town, Coco and Poni struck up an immediate and explosive musical relationship that quickly became what is known known and loved as the THE ETTES.

Reviews on THE ETTES' live show regularly comment on the high performance level and stage presence of the girls. Poni, on her violently powerful live drumming: "Sometimes it's an accident", she suggests. "Other times, I might be trying to attack you. You never can tell. "

After KCRW promoted their last NYC showcase, THE ETTES returned to Los Angeles to record, and have recently completed their demo, "Eat the Night", recording everything first take (recording available for a limited time at

A favorite of KXLU and INDIE 103.1 (who presented THE ETTES at the Viper Room) THE ETTES have been playing all over LA with such acts as THE BLOOD ARM, LION FEVER, THE NEW YORK DOLLS, and THE MUFFS, to mention a very few. THE ETTES have also just finished playing live with THE GO-GO'S.

UPDATE: November 2005 - THE ETTES recorded their first album at Toerag Studios in London with Liam Watson (White Stripes, Thee Headcoatees, Kills, etc.) Stay tuned!

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