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The Ettes

 Bayonne, New Jersey, USA

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NASHVILLE, TN: THE ETTES return with Wicked Will, the fourth LP from the rowdy and relentless beat-punk trio Coco Hames (vocals, guitar), Jem Cohen (bass) and Poni Silver (drums) and their first on their own imprint Fond Object, a joint venture with Krian Music Group. It reunites the band with analog guru/producer Liam Watson (Bobby Long, The Kills, White Stripes), who recorded their 2005 debut, Shake the Dust at his analog
Toe Rag Studios.

Its been a whirlwind two years since The Ettes last release, Do You Want Power, which landed the band on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and found them touring with Nashville cohorts The Greenhornes and the Dead Weather. They also made their first appearances at Lollapolooza and Austin City Limits.

Nashville has been the home of rockers THE ETTES for nearly three years now. The band started in L.A., when pals Coco and Poni were working a retail gig and decided to form a band. Inspired by the girl gang at the center of the 1975 film, The Switchblade Sisters, they created a sound that mirrored the films' stars: sexy and tough as nails. New Jersey native Jem Cohen joined on bass and the group spent time in New York, LA and London before finding a home in Nashvegas.

"Sometimes wanderlust can be a blessing," says Coco. "If we didn't constantly get the itch to keep moving, we wouldn't get as much done." And what they've done is quite impressive.

In 2005, THE ETTES self-financed a trip to London's Toe Rag studios, and recorded with analog extraordinaire Liam Watson (the White Stripes, the Kills) releasing 2006's Shake the Dust on Sympathy for the Record Industry. After extensive US and European touring, the band returned to Toe Rag for their sophomore LP Look At Life Again Soon (Take Root 2008), and, following that release, toured with the Black Keys, the Detroit Cobras, and Kings of Leon.

In 2009, after releasing a 7" and EP featuring tracks recorded with Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach, THE ETTES invited garage legend Greg Cartwright to produce Do You Want Power in their new hometown of Nashville. Following the release the band embarked on a busy two years of festival and tour dates, including stints with Juliette Lewis, the Dead Weather and the Greenhornes. The band has also landed high profile key synch placements in TV shows such as NCIS Los Angeles, Sons Of Tucson and Entourage, as well as the Drew Barrymore film Whip it.

In 2010, THE ETTES called it quits with their label, TAKE ROOT RECORDS, and started recording in London with Liam Watson. They also returned to their original rock trio formation, after touring as a four piece. The group is lean, mean and formidable, with Jem often playing lead on bass and Coco taking it to a new level on guitar.

The 14 tracks that would become Wicked Will (KRIAN MUSIC GROUP/FOND OBJECT) were recorded in late 2010 and early 2011 and reflect the bands growth as songwriters and performers. Its a timeless, classic rock and roll album that respects the past while remaining current and vital. And like all good rock and roll, these songs come from the gut and tickle your nether regions. THE ETTES wouldnt have it any other way.



Written By: Hames

It sets me off to see the people
Always so easy to play
I'd rather keep my head down
Carry out the rest of my day
Somethin' 'bout the way that
People love their harm
I've got an eye for trouble
And that's what keeps me up in arms
You've got this thing about you
That keeps me on the edge of my seat
'Cause every time you smile
I can tell you're just showing your teeth

It bothers me to notice
But it sure seems you like that game
Surprises me every time
But really it's just the same
You handle everything and everyone
With that velvet glove
But when you take it off
I can see your skin is not enough
There's something there about you
Like an animal ready to feed
And every time you smile
I can tell you're just showing your teeth

Speak a little softer now
Or maybe just use your eyes
Pull her in around you
Using love as your disguise
There's danger in everything
You say and do
I guess we're not so different
And that's what makes me blue
The funny thing about it is
I know you got what I need
When every time you smile
I can tell you're just showing your teeth

Yeah every time you smile I can tell


Written By: Hames

I can't believe you keep comin' 'round
When it's so clear I just bring you down
You're all alone 'cause you choose to be
Please don't pretend it's to do with me

You wanna be out
Away from your noose
You wanna be free and
You wanna be loose
You haven't the backbone
To handle the truth
I'm telling you girl
You're just an excuse

I wonder what it's like to be you
Every day barely getting through
Mother's advice hanging by a thread
The world out here ain't what's in your head

You gather your lies
You make a great wall
You teeter atop it
And try not to fall
I tried to help you
But still you refuse
You've done it now girl
You're just an excuse, now

You wanna be out
Away from your noose
You wanna be free and
You wanna be loose
I wish there was something
I could do for you
You're just an excuse

The Pendulum

Written By: Hames/Cohen

You're a lot like me
And I think that you should tell her
That the only difference between us is fear
And if you are like me
Then I think you should remember
If you ever wanna get yourself outta here
Now all you think you hide are open secrets
And the pendulum swings back and forth, my dear

Don't believe
Everything you hear
Gather all you cherish
And keep it quite near

I can be your friend
Or I just just go and break you
And I think you'd better make what you want clear
'Cause I'm not quite sure
How long it's gonna take you
If you really wanna get yourself outta here


Would you want me on fire
Would it help you to see
'Cause I can tell what it looks like
When you're talkin' to me

Were you ever a baby
Were you ever a child
'Cause I was ready
You were there
That was all

In you all I see
Is a skeleton
Your skin on blood baby
Your blood on bone

My Heart

Written By: Hames/Cohen

Well you're not gonna break my heart
'Cause my heart ain't what I'm givin' to you
And I'm not gonna beg for yours
'Cause that's not what I am here to do

You're not faithful but you're true
And I don't know what to do
'Cause it never bothers me
When you're where you need to be
Oh no
I mean what do I expect
To put a rope around your neck
And just declare you property
Well babe you know it isn't me
Oh no

And I can't just estimate
When it's gonna be too late
You do what you wanna do
And I'll just do the same thing too
Oh yes
And if we go our separate ways
I won't say we was too late
'Cause we never were on time
And babe you never weren't mine
Oh no

You Never Say

Written By: Hames

Bet you never met yourself a little girl like me
Every single day it gets easier to believe
When I come at you your bones just fall apart
Give me your hand let's make a new start

You never say
Just who you are
Let yourself go my little girl
And you'll go far

Everything about you screams I wanna disappear
But something keeps you around and that's why you're here
I'm not a stupid girl, I'm not your enemy
Get yourself together and then set yourself free

One By One

Written By: Hames/Cohen

Sister just give up your lies
Trust I'm on your side
It might be a big surprise
But we've nothing to hide

'Cause I want what I want
One by one
All right

Brother just lay down your arms
I'm not here to fight
Long as we know what is wrong
Both of us are right

Trouble With You

Written By: Hames/Cohen

When I find trouble
I always know just what to do
You can't count all the
Times I've found trouble next to you

I don't mind
That kind of trouble with you

You'd think by now I'd
Have heard my lessons about you
No two ways about it
I still like the way you give bad news

Don't Bring Me Down

Written By: Hames/Cohen

I got you in mind
But he's watchin' with his eye on me
Here tonight
Is the only place I want to be
I see how you are
And I'm pretty sure you've got what I need
Boy don't bring me down

Do you feel the same
I gotta know right now or else I
Start getting the shakes
Wonderin' what it is I can do try
To get you alone
And see what you and I can do tonight
Oh don't bring me down

Are you bad like me
Or are you too good to follow me now
To be in your arms
Is the only thing keepin' me around
So don't be afraid
'Cause with me the secret's safe and it's sound
No don't bring me down

Stay Where You Are

Written By: Hames/Cohen

There was a time
When I would have jumped at
Anything you said
But you took too long
To pay attention
Now that dog is dead

Too late, too late
Old as the moon and stars
Too late, too late
Stay right where you are

You're the pebble in my shoe
I tell ya
You won't just let me be
So I just hide
And watch your face
While you're lookin' for me


"Wicked Will" 2011 Krian Music Group/Fond Object
"Do You Want Power" 2009 Ingrooves
"Look At Life Again Soon" 2008 Take Root Records
"Shake The Dust" 2006 Sympathy For The Record Industry
"Eat The Night" 2005 Self Released