The Ettes

The Ettes


THE ETTES: a “snotty and well-styled” (Time Out New York) ‘60s-inspired punk garage trio with an “irresistible” ( debut album “Shake the Dust” (Sympathy for the Record Industry) recorded in London with Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios. As LA WEEKLY puts it, “THE ETTES are it.”


THE ETTES are a funny lot. Three charismatic and creatively diverse individuals who separately moved from New York City to Los Angeles “just because” found themselves in a band and on a roll.

Coco, a country singer and songwriter from the southeast, found inspiration and a cause with Poni, a born-and-raised New Yorker with boundless energy and a beat attack like none other. When the two met up with Jem - previously his own front man and songwriter, brilliant with melodies and a powerful performer – they knew they’d found it.

Since their inception in early 2004, THE ETTES have taken the L.A. scene by the collar and given them a solid shake – and it hasn’t stopped there. Recording their debut album Shake the Dust (Sympathy for the Record Industry) in London with the king of vintage modern sound, Liam Watson, at his infamous Toe Rag Studios, THE ETTES made a very serious dent in the world of neo-punk and garage rock-and-roll. Songs like “Beggars” swell with a Phil Spector-esque sonic wall while the record’s first single “Dead and Gone” rocks with a tick-tocking beat attack and fuzzed out guitars.

While comparisons to the White Stripes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs aren’t uncommon, THE ETTES have a powerful sound that is without comparison. Fueled by their love of ‘60s beat, rock and pop (the Beatles, the Rolling Stones) and American punk rock and country (the Stooges, Patsy Cline) THE ETTES have a sound all their own. Sharing the stage with everyone form the New York Dolls to the Go-Go’s, their energetic live show never fails to capture the audience and leave them wondering what just happened and why the air around them feels so electric... THE ETTES take it all in stride, touring relentlessly all over the U.S. and UK, with the world beyond waiting impatiently for a dose of excitement, electricity and pure rock-and-roll from this new American band.


LABEL: Sympathy for the Record Industry |


"Shake the Dust" - LP/CD (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
"Dead and Gone/Get Out" - 7" Single (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
"From the Songbook of Greg Cartright" - 7" split with The Fondas (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
"Dead and Gone", "No More Surprises" and many other tracks are being spun by college radio stations around the country. The Ettes were #96 on the CMJ top 200 in October.

Set List

Dead and Gone
Alley Cat
I Get Mine
Spend My Money
It Ain't You
No More Surprises
We Repel Eachother (Cover - Reigning Sound)

Our set is typically 35 - 45 minutes depending on our timeslot. We can stretch it to an hour for headlining.