The Evelyn Room

The Evelyn Room

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Rock with a slight alt-country feel & elements of spacey pysch rock.


The Evelyn Room are a 4 piece rock band living in Toronto ON, whose music is influenced by Radiohead, Ryan Adams & Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. A 2008 NXNE headlining slot helped identify them as one of the top 60 artists from NXNE 2008. They have been nominated for "Best Verge Artist" at the 2008 & 2009 XM Verge Awards and for "Best Verge Album" at the 2009 XM Verge Awards. Also had feature performances on XM Radio the Verge "Brown Bottle Sessions" and "Live at the Verge".

Recently recorded at Metalworks Studio with acclaimed producers Moe Berg (the Cliks, Robin Black) and Laurence Currie (Wintersleep, Sloan, Holy Fuck), to be featured on an upcoming episode of Aux TV Master Tracks.

A self-titled EP was released in winter 2008 and is available online through iTunes, Amazon & CD Baby.

"This concoction of styles and influences gives The Evelyn Room an intriguing mix and sound,
and when combined with the dark and brooding lyrical delivery makes for a very enjoyable listen."
-Eoghan Macguire, SoundProof Magazine

“Brooding and bold, the haunting rock of the Evelyn Room’s Anywhere Than Here is the perfect soundtrack for a dark, introspective night.”
-Kelowna Vincent of XM Radio’s The Verge


Anywhere Than Here

Written By: Brad Fillatre

Chemical Sweat,
Come and Give me your fever
I got this fucking ringin in my head
And I can't find the reciever
oh i want you to come baby please,
baby, please, you know i need ya
Wanted to hold you so tightly,
Damn, I wanna squeeze ya,

I'd be anywhere than here,
I'd be anywhere than here,
Things are getting very complicated
in my mind it's so unclear,
i'd rather be anywhere than here.

Show me the meaning of your Story
Cause i've been teething,
drinking blood of the demons,
Feeding, cold winds of the world wind,
and I am not the only one who's
dropping like the setting sun,
One by one by one

I'd be anywhere than here,
i'd be anywhere than here
Things are getting very complicated,
in my mind it's so unclear,
I'd rather be anywhere than here.


2008 Self-Titled EP (independent)

Received frequent airplay on The Verge, XM52

Set List

The typical set length is approx. 45 - 60 mins.

All original material.