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"Happily Ever After"

Hard work, lots of dedication and a strong belief are three factors that have helped the Ever After. This local teen Christian band started because of the members’ love for the music and their strong beliefs.

“A band is like a second girlfriend,” said Mike DeFraties, a senior at Springfield High School and the Ever After’s guitar player and lead singer. “You have to be dedicated and work hard.”

The Ever After band members said the fact that they are a Christian band makes them different from most local groups. Each member is Christian, as is the music they play. During shows, they like to stop between songs and say a few words about what Jesus means to them and how he is their inspiration. They praise God while singing, but the group also said its songs are fun.

“Not all bands have to be depressing,” said Zac McCormick, a sophomore at Pleasant Plains High School and the band’s drummer.

The Ever After began as another band, Fall of the Hero, broke up. Both Zac and Austin Wood, a sophomore at Springfield High School who provides guitar and vocals for the Ever After, were part of Fall of the Hero. When that band broke up, Austin wanted to start a new group. He brought in Mike, who occasionally had played with Fall of the Hero, and another friend, Jordan Carroll, a junior at Franklin High School, to play bass.

The Ever After was born.

Since then, the Ever After evolved from being a hardcore band to an indie-like Christian band.

“I’m really proud of the boys; this is a lot better than their old screamo music,” said Bre Harney, a senior at Springfield High School and a fan of the Ever After.

According to the Ever After band mates, being a Christian band isn’t much different than other local bands. But Christian bands, Austin said, “have more of a purpose to be playing.” The guys said they think they are treated the same, and that people seem to respect more what they do. Also, because they can play in churches, the settings where they play are different.

And while some bands would list favorite singers as their influences, the Ever After members include Jesus and family among theirs.

They look up to local bands, too, such as Park or the All-Most, which they said are proof that they can make it if they have the dedication and work hard.

While the guys are trying to book local shows, they hope to someday go on tour and make it big like local band Midnight Fall has done.

The Ever After played its first concert at West Side Christian Church last November, and said it went well. There are no concert plans right now, though. The boys said they have had trouble getting together because they’re all so busy.

The guys said they have to be strong in their religious beliefs, and have to get along to be successful. After all, they’re playing for a purpose.

As Jordan said, “If someone comes to a show in a bad mood, we just want them to leave happy.”

- State Journal Register


2007- "The Antidote" E.P.



This band is about something more than music. We want to show people hope through ourselves and through our music. We believe in a higher power that loves and cares for each and every person more than they know, and we want to introduce people to this love.