The Evereadys

The Evereadys



The history of the Evereadys stretches back to 1950, when the legendary Wilson Pickett formed an acappella Gospel group with Jack Johns, Lorenzo Jordan and Emmanuel Jordan. Fast forward past several years, and the group is back again, this time on NFL wide receiver Joe Horn's For Life Miracle Records.

Ironically titled Just For My Friends (because considering the group's long reigning popularity, that number is very large!), this 12-tracker stays true to the Eveready's patented sound, flipping their vibe into the new millennium without missing a beat.

The group's selections include a range of material, from the hard quartet cuts such as "Make A Way" and "All The Way" to country-styled cuts, and plenty of harmony-driven ballads.

"How Long" is a sweet example of such a ballad, with finely nurtured close harmonies set off by a more gritty lead vocal. "Speak Your Word" falls in the same camp, with a more rural flow imparted by the group, complete with tried and true chord progressions. On "Can't Hurry God", the group puts the focus on harmony again, this time with an old school twist. The subject matter is God's omnipotence, including timing.

"Keep Blessing Me" also hearkens back a few decades in its musical approach. Falsetto leads and repeated gratitude-themed lyrical motifs underneath plus soothing keyboards set this into motion. The praise and worship approach carries over into "Awesome God", with an arrangement suited for a choral background.

James Hale, Corey Taylor, Freddie and Jerome Williams —the Evereadys, just keep going and going and going, and are clearly recharged once more to give the nation good gospel music.