The Everyothers

The Everyothers


"The Everyothers are a New York rock secret. Fronted by superstar-in-waiting Owen McCarthy, this quartet pumps out hooked-up, glam-tinted, ‘70s-touched rock n’ roll" (New York Post). The Detroit Metro Times calls their 2004 s/t debut the "best rock ‘n’ roll record of the year."


All the greatest bands have a great singer, and the first thing you notice about the Everyothers is frontman Owen McCarthy's incredible voice. From all out shack-shaking rockers like "Like A Drug" and "Can't Get Around It" to the devastating ballad "Dead Star", Owen's passionate vocals and knowing, incisive lyrics are the centerpiece of the band. Although clearly influenced by many of the great 60's and 70's British and American bands, the Everyothers make rock that is totally modern and all their own. They also share a long history -- Owen, Joel, and Ben have been playing together since high school, making them musically so tight it hurts. Their live shows crackle with electricity and unbridled charisma -- you can't take your eyes off of them!


"Pink Sticky Lies" EP out May 9 on Kill Rock Stars.

"Ticket Home" on Copper Label II compilation The 2nd Sessions.

Set List

Sets usually last 40 minutes. No covers.