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The Evidence

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | INDIE

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Alternative Post-punk




"Punk Planet (highlight review)"

On ...Of Reason, rock quartet The Failure explodes with a hardcore punk sound that is considerably more melodic and meaningful than simply muscled. But there's still a manly mania below the double, driving guitar, creating a back-and-forth that is playful and potent. The nasal singing and continual harmonies and back-ups offer a youthful exuberance, as they play for a specific kind of teenage outcast. "I'm the loser, I'm the social reject/ I'm the nerd, the geek/ the freak who lives all alone" goes the densely weighty "Pep Rally". ...Of Reason is furious, fearless, passionate and political, all without sounding contrived and obvious. They retain their musical wits throughout, with sharp guitars and tuneful melodies: There's no kind of failure here. - Ben Friedland


The Evidence formed on 2002 as a band called The Failure, releasing two albums, playing Warped Tour, Canadian Music Week, the Western Canadian Music Awards, and several regional tours before retooling as The Evidence in 2008.

The band went on to be awarded top prize among some of their home city's finest rock bands that year in Calgary's Battle of the Bands and was featured in Junofest 2008.

The Evidence's debut album, Polarity, was released in May 2009. Local radio has supported the album's first track, What You See, with rotation in their Daily Exposure timeslots. Harvard Broadcasting also awarded the band $25,000 in 2010 as one of their three "Xposure" winners. The band is underwriting their first five-week European tour with a portion of these funds. The tour starts on April 12, 2011; the release date for their sophomore record, "Currents".



Canadian power trio The Evidence has shown an eerie dedication to their craft since banding together in late 2008. Graduates of the local punk rock scene, the band has grown into a sound that blends the rocky pop sensibility of alt-punk bands such as Bad Religion and the Foo Fighters with the prog-rock detail and grandeur of groups like Rush and Queen.

Erecting their vision out of the wreckage of their high school bands, guitarist scene-mates and chemistry classmates Dean Rud and Tyler Pickering aligned themselves with drummer Casey Lewis and dubbed themselves The Failure. By 2008, The Failure was anything but, selling through pressings of their first two albums and placing videos in rotation on both MuchMusic and MTV Canada. Despite this, change was coming. While the role of fourth- member-bassist was becoming prone to turnover, it was a metamorphosis in The Evidence’s songwriting that got the attention of fans and critics.

When Rud, Pickering, and Lewis set out to write and record their third album together, Polarity, something had changed. Whether it was the long road slogs, broken vans, broken hands, shows for a dozen sweaty kids in musty makeshift all-ages venues or simply the upshot of a band collectively transitioning into their late-20’s, the trio realized they had uncovered the marrow of their identity. Recognizing the winds of change, Rud, Pickering, and Lewis chose a new name for the band, and The Evidence was (re-)born.

The blend of dedication, musicianship, and attention to detail particular to the Evidence is apparent from the opening notes of the band’s sophomore album, Currents. If Polarity was a leap forward for The Evidence, then Currents is a confirmation, presenting the band’s progressive tendencies while streamlining and sharpening their sound down to a razor’s edge. From the opening notes of the aptly titled “Crossing The Rubicon” to the complex, poly-rhythmic post-punk of “Of Haves And Have Nots”, The Evidence give every indication that their muse has never been stronger.

Cut to the stage, with Rud and Pickering bouncing notes and lines off each other like animated electrons while Casey drums and sings for his life. Their live show is an invigorating and indelible experience, but The Evidence are real guys, doing what they love without pretense. Their distinctive blend of literate songwriting, attention to detail and fearlessness beam from the stage and stereo in an experience that proves music can still move us. Here, my friends, is the evidence of that.

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