The Evil Space Monkeys

The Evil Space Monkeys

 Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

The Evil Space Monkeys are a Hardcore-EDM hybrid band. With music that you can mosh or dance to, they appeal to both techno/dance and alternative rock/heavy metal crowds. Their campy performance style in monkey face masks and an alien invasion back story creates a cult following in fans.


Multi-genre music and a bit of camp set The Evil Space Monkeys apart from other bands. Their music is a unique EDM-Hardcore hybrid, which appeals to both the dubstep/dance and the alternative rock/heavy metal crowds.

In contrast to their sound, The Evil Space Monkeys boast a campy performance style and back story: they perform in monkey face masks and proclaim they are monkeys from outer space here to take over the world.

The band is comprised of South Florida musicians Paul and Lauren Swords, with influences of Mindless Self Indulgence, Korn, Pantera, Skrillex, Dead Mou5e, Nine Inch Nails and Prodigy.


Dance You Evil Monkey!
(June 2012)