The Exactos

The Exactos

 Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

The Exactos, glued together by the guts of guitarist Tommy Houghton, are hitting a scene near you. We play feel good, high energy rock n roll that will be sure to impress your girlfriend. Made up of Tommy, Katie, Stefan and Sara, the Exactos give you raw surf with a soul and heartbeat.


The Exactos, heavily influenced by surf legend Duane Eddy and 1960's composer Henry Mancini, have developed an undeniably modern sound out of those classic roots. There is a real timeless feel to the music from the members of this band, pulling from all different genres to form a distinct sound that's all their own.

"A breath of fresh air" --Howard Randall


None released

Set List

Koyaanisqatsi (cover)
Neptune (original)
Cecilia Ann (cover)
Emergency Powers (orig)
These Boots Are Made for Walking (cover)
Country Heroes (cover)
No Return (orig)
Thanks for Nothing (orig)
Strychnine (cover)
Magnetic Spectrum of Genius (orig)