The Exbats

The Exbats

 Pinon, Arizona, USA

The rough hewn father/daughter punk rock from the AZ desert that leaves you breathless .


We live on The Navajo Nation. Inez goes to High School and I teach 2nd grade. We play mostly in Bisbee, AZ. though we have played all across the West for about 5 years. We are originally from Portland, OR. I think we sound like a NYC pop/punk band from maybe, like 1979. We try to keep the presentation straight forward and the songs short and on point. Teenage girl, drummer, sings and steals souls. 

Commitment to elemental rock keeps the father/daughter duo, The Exbats from slipping across the line from novel to novelty.  Inez (12) and Ken McLain (46) craft songs that manage to be recognizable and authentically original expressions. Fearless, entertaining and only accidentally adorable. -Hillsboro, Argus 2011


First Class All The way (self-released, Bandcamp)
Don't Poke The Numbats (self-released, Bandcamp)