The Excellence of Execution

The Excellence of Execution


We're a group of musician's who are determined to find a uniqueness in today's metal scene. While this is a hard to do in today's world, with our first album release of "Apollyon's Whisper" we're slowly breaking the boundaries of genres and collaborating it all into one band.


Brought together by mystical forces in the not so distant universe, The Excellence of Execution have been trying their hand at music since March 2010 (Originally under the name, "A Night in Paris"). Through many tough and trying times, several line up changes, and countless problems that have plagued them, they have finally come together and have formed a tight musical bond. Their debut album, Apollyon's Whisper, is a culmination of two years of hard work, sacrifice, musical challenges, and adversity. The Excellence of Execution have been trying to create a new type of music, something all their own. Nothing to impress corporate executives, but to make music that they love and think is important. With the release of Apollyon's Whisper on July 17th, The Excellence of Execution are excited for what lay ahead of them and hope that all of you will join them for the ride.


The Creator

Written By: The Excellence of Execution

I split the Ocean
I fractured the sky
I unearth the bodies
In the tomb where your brothers lie X2
Look out to see me
I'm the doctor from hell
The tomb breaker, an empty shell
Lay Waste, into the sun
A fellow being
Attempt a son
I could take what wasn't mine
What I'd give to be so free x2
Intolerance, it goes away
I can't take your memory
It's getting away, Ohhhhhh
I am a patron to thee
Have to wait to waste as I am
In the burning eye
They take away, a mother cries
A son that wasn't birthed to

Into the Heart of a monster
Together cadavers can wake
But look not too close
At a life so Engrossed
To make love out of life drenched in pain
Into the life of a child
A mother that's feeding for two
But in the beginning
A life full of sinning
There's nothing left that I can do x3


Apollyon's Whisper - 2012