The Excitement

The Excitement


Combining the orchestration of Yanni with the punk rock sensability of NOFX, The Excitement rocks the socks off all those he encounters. Using only his keyboard and the unbridled powers of spirits within, The Excitement is unmatched in musical and comedic excellence.


When I was a lad, my parents used to lock me in the basement. This wasn't done out of cruelty or retribution, I think they were just lazy. Anyway, one of the few toys down there was my playschool xylaphone. I played and played and eventually learned how to make it do many more things then it was orignally intended to do. With some amazing McGyver-type-feats of engineering, I added a synth pad, drum machine, cowbell (made of only glue and cat hair), and an olympic sized swimming pool which I used to cool off after practice sessions.

Being alone in my basement all that time made me sort of an introvert, that's why I'm the only member of my band. But you'll see the extroverted side of me when I take the stage.


Currently listed on the band's myspace account are
1. Let's Get Together-a merry little tune about betting your life on a badmitten match.

2. Cheerleaders=Thumbs Down-This is a song about killing cheerleaders in jaunty 4/4 time.

3. Cats Are People Too-Exactly what it sounds like with a terrific horn solo.

4. The Ballad of Mr. Wiggles-A forest spirit who forges democracy and keeps the peace among our furry forest friends.

Set List

I can do a set list of between 30 and 45 minutes long. I currently only do two covers.
1. Subliminal by They Might Be Giants
2. 99 Luftballoons by Nina which I sing in German.
"Hast du etwas ziet fur mich?"

Originals:1. What we want (We want to Cha Cha)
2. Higher Standards of Living
3. The Story of Mr. Reece
4. The Ballad of Mr. Wiggles
5. Cheerleaders=Thumbs Down
6. Let's Get Together
7. Cat's Are People Too