The Exciting New Generation

The Exciting New Generation


Our gospel group consist of 9 very talented young men, and 1 young lady, and 2 managers. We sing to to uplift our Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST, in every way that we possibly can. Our goal is to spread to word of GOD through our music, and to bring people of all ages, closer to CHRIST.


Our music is song from the heart. Whenever we sing, we sing from the heart and for the Lord. We do not put on, because we are all children of the Lord. We are BLESSED, to be able to express ourselves in song to and for the Lord. We influence people of all ages who do not know the Lord, to try or attempt to get to know him better. What sets our group apart from other groups, is that we are a younger group than others in our community, and we are real with Lord. We, do not charge whenever we sing for the Lord. To some everything up, we just like praising the Lord, lifting him up, and bringing his children closer to HIM.


We have not released a CD yet, but we are working on that. We do not have any tracks being played on the radio as of this moment.

Set List

Typical set list consist of and intro, the group enter and get into position. Songs consist of: Wave it away, The Lord is on your side, Every step i make, Lord we thank You, God can, Meet you on the other shore, This evening, Recommend. 2 sets if needed, at 30-45 minutes each set.