The Executives

The Executives

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Write honestly. Love deeply. Sing accordingly.


Toronto/Hamilton based band The Executives were formed in 2008, with Jay Luther and Jeff Concannon playing in support of the solo music of singer Chris Miller. Over the next three years the band came and went through several different incarnations, only to wind back around to the same lineup, developing a sound that was very different from the singer/songwriter material they had initially focused on.

The material grew and shifted. The songwriting styles of Bruce Springsteen and Jeff Buckley blended with the worn-in textures of Radiohead and Queens of the Stone Age. With the addition of long-time friend Andre Fortier in late 2011, the four are making gleefully gloomy rock music, heavy on the atmosphere, but without sacrificing melody.


Here I Come

Written By: Christopher Miller

I'm not the one
not your one
or anyone
but ready or not baby,
here I come.

Tonight you're mine
you goldmine, you landmine
Ready or not baby,
here I come.

Sleep til the dawn
await the chariots by day
and I will show, if I am free.
The horn of long dead heroes sounds for thee


There is a place
for all whose purposes are clear
And I am of the unclean who wash your feet
I am just a ghost beneath your sheets



This Precious Disease (By Chris Miller) - March 2008
Can be heard on CBC Radio 3, 93.3 CFMU, 94.9 CHRW and at

Set List

45 minutes to an hour.
Original Material