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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"with love deliver noisy chaos in vein on early black dice or arab on radar, a lot of feedback, wall of sound, etc. 'fans' of stuff released on load or wantage usa will be pleased. the exelar from the us play fast, chaotic emotice hardcore with a blend of melody. a nice split!" (90kr/$11) -

"Exelar, the / With Love - split : 12inch"

Shit Shit Shit. The Exelar. This band is owning my arse right now. I haven't heard emo violence played this well in for-fucking-ever. They play several tracks of lightning fast insanity on here, with that essential grasp of a vague melody that runs right down the middle of everything. They even dip into moody emo breakdowns on some songs, before coming right back at you with a blitzkrieg of drums and guitar and just utterly angry sounding screams and hoarse yells. I am reasonably certain that these folks have the same vocalist as I, Robot. Yup. Take that I, Robot 7" (one of the definitive records in the chaotic emo genre - "A CIRCLE NOW COMPLETE!") and make it more manic. The balance between the devilishly dark brooding moments and totally spazzed out craziness is perfect. Some songs are slower and contemplative, the rest just explode with a fury and power rarely encountered in the fashion conscious world of chaotic hardcore. Wonderful, I am listening to this over and over. In summary, think of a style of hardcore punk innovated by Assfactor 4, honed by End of the Century Party, and revitalised by the Exelar. They are simply drop dead stunning on this here record.

"Witness relocation Program CD (oneOhFive/Peterwalkee))"

Heavy and intense, The Exelar blast through 11 songs of anger and outrage. Ex-members of I, Robot say what's on their mind often accompanied with a malestorm of buzzsaw guitars and solid rhythym. Not for the faint or weak of heart. Socially and politically motivated lyrics delivered with a passion and conviction unmatched by todays sea of endless clone bands. -


european 10" on plenge records
Witness Relocation Program CD on Peterwalkee/One ohfive records


Feeling a bit camera shy


"But with all the controls of power and punishment, enticements and concessions, diversions and decoys, operating throughout the history of the country, the Establishment has been unable to keep itself secure from revolt. Every time it looked as if it had succeeded, the very people it thought seduced or subdued, stirred and rose. Blacks, cajoled by Supreme Court decisions and congressional statutes, rebelled. Women, wooed and ignored, romanticized and mistreated, rebelled. Indians, thought dead, reappeared, defiant. Young people, despite lures of career and comfort, defected. Working people, thought soothed by reforms, regulated by law, kept within bounds by their own unions, went on strike. Government intellectuals, pledged to secrecy, began giving away secrets. Priests turned from piety to protest...To recall this is to remind people of what the Establishment would like them to forget--the enormous capacity of apparently helpless people to resist, of apparently contended people to demand change. To uncover such history is to find a powerful human impulse to assert one's humanity. It is to hold out, even in times of deep pessimism, the possibilty of surprise"

by Howard Zinn