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"Advance Review: Twenty Second Sensory"

Greek blog roughly translated by Google:

The story takes place between 2085 - 2101, in a [afiloxeno] [metaviomichaniko] environment where Adelice, half person half synthetic presentation, and her uncle, [alitampouras] of the 21st century and charged with crimes that has not committed, are fighting to exempt the society from the disease. Above this usual, other [endieferoysa], history e.f. , moved the is album,''Twenty Second Sensory'', the Existencils shape of Nick Often from Portland. We expect it hears industrial, electro, the ante ambient type Blade Runner. But what we hear is music from guitars, drums, with vocals that with passion but also sentiment tell the adventures of a small [bionikis] and sulphur to save mankind. Alternative rock as the soundtrack for science fiction stories, I [n'akouso] since that time the ''Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots'', the Flaming Lips, and this one is very [endiaferon]. [Ta] four songs and the three video that did, as a preliminary to the circulation of the album (in June 2008), are excellent. -

"CD Review: Twenty Second Sensory"

The story starting in 2085 is the basic concept for this album. As you listen, you discover the stooges, the velvet underground, suicide... A sound from the future to the past. Buy this album. It's dust repellent. - Follow The Noise


LP: Twenty Second Sensory : Released June 2008



The Existencils are recordings performed and produced by Nick Often. A songwriter and independent producer for over ten years, the twenty-six year old Often is known for his intellectual songcraft and spirited punk rock delivery while wielding an acoustic guitar. As a young solo act, he self-released two EPs and an LP to his fast-growing fan base in Portland, OR. Soon, a digital EP came in the form of Famous Ghosts, the result of some broken keyboards, a few recording days, and collaboration with an old friend. Later, he and some pals in Los Angeles formed The Baby Mammals, an indie rock three piece that recorded an EP and staged a tour up the West Coast before disbanding to pursue other projects.

This is when Nick Often became The Existencils and wrote Twenty Second Sensory. Often then spent the second half of 2007 in the years 2101-2104, beginning recording on the album in the year that its story line crescendos. Often has said that recording that far into the future helped him to connect more fully with his material and to ultimately come to terms with his future incarceration, which he learned of while writing about it.

Twenty Second Sensory begins in the summer of 2085 with Often's character indulging in youthful intemperance before being imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. Two years into his sentence, his niece is born. A bionoid helped into the world by a host of advanced technologies seamlessly integrated into her chemistry, Adelice spends only ten years of her life as a child would. In 2097, just as the Energy Wars between man and machine are starting to heat up, Adelice's parents are murdered and she is kidnapped to be used as a bridge between human chemistry and digital code. A villainous syndicate of bad men and worse metal has plans to create what will come to be known as The Disease. With synthetic sperm encoded entirely by machine, Adelice is artificially inseminated in an underground lab where she is held against her will for the long months before a traumatizing stillbirth and a miraculous escape. It will be in the year 2101, after two hard years on the street for Adelice and fifteen years of hard time for her uncle, that the two will work together to execute a brilliant scheme; hijacking the CelebriLottery, and in a twenty second sensory experience of indescribable energy and light, fusing all of humanity with an analog antidote to exterminate The Disease and save the human race.

For The Existencils' live shows, Nick Often is joined by Melody Often, the bionoid whom he met and married in 2104 while completing his chronicle. On stage with them is their robot Giacometti, who's core is built around the device Nick carried with him on his journeys, that recorded events as they took place. The man, the bionoid, and the robot put on a show that always proves a spectacle and the drama of the tragic and beautiful story arc apparent in Twenty Second Sensory is never so fully realized as when one is confronted with its awesome gravity up close and in person.