The Exit

The Exit


"A heady fusion of Foo Fighters, The Clash and the classic songwriting suss of '80s legends The Police." Kerrang! Magazine


The Exit is one of New York’s best kept secrets, but they won’t stay that way for long. Formed in 2001, the band is singer/guitarist Ben Brewer, singer/bassist Jeff DaRosa, and drummer Gunnar. The Exit’s craft blends a delicate taste of 80s dub and reggae with 90s punk and indie rock. They’ve recently completed recording thier sophomore album, Home For An Island, which is out now on Wind-up Records.

The Exit function similarly to the Clash or Husker Du, where two individual songwriters, each possessed with their own unique sound and point of view, compliment each other. If Jeff DaRosa’s work tends toward introspection, Ben Brewer’s songs are searing and bold, while both attack affairs of the heart and matters of the world. In an age when new acts seem risk adverse, it’s exciting to have a band tackle big ideas, but it would all be nothing more than good intentions if the music wasn’t exciting, and Home For An Island is riveting music. It’s grounded in punk rock but isn’t content to stay there. Hints of dub reggae float through the minor-key melodies, pop hooks draw listeners into some dark places, moods change
from song to song, sometimes within a song. “We want to create an ultimate mix tape every time we make an album,” says DaRosa. “You know how people make a shuffle on their iPod? I want to make it feel like with our record you don’t have to skip around because every song is engaging.” Home For An Island is a significant leap forward from their 2002 debut New Beat. According to Brewer, fans said that
their first album was “good, but this is nothing like you guys are live.” Here, they capture the dynamic energy for the Exit’s live show, but also stretch into new territory. Gunnar (drums) explains: “When you’re getting good at an instrument you kind of go overboard. Then after a year of doing that you start to appreciate that simpler and tastier is better. We’re all coming around to that now. “ “It’s way more musically adept,” agrees Brewer. “We have some poppy stuff on this record, but it’s deeper. It’s a little darker.”

Partially due to their extensive experience on the road – “We’ve played 450 total shows in three years of touring,” says Gunnar, “We’re road warriors when it comes to it” – the Exit has developed into a band that are the farthest thing from predictable, as Home For An Island proves. They've been on the road with current greats like Muse, Against Me!, Rx Bandits, 311, Keziah Jones, The Velvet Teen, The Futureheads, Sahara Hotnights, O.A.R...the list goes on and on.


New Beat (Some Records, May 2002)
Home For An Island (Wind-up Records, Oct 2005)

Set List

Typical sets are 45-65 minutes, longer if headlining. 10-15 songs. All original music.