The Exit

The Exit


The Exit is the band you knew was out there, but could never find. This is a band from NYC whose craft blends a delicate taste of 80’s dub and reggae with 90’s punk and indie rock. A band that’s garnered a mature fan base whose fans take smart, savvy rock over the quick fix of a pop fizzle.


The Exit’s debut full-length New Beat (Some Records, produced by Daniel Rey) appeared on several band and industry insiders’ top ten lists for 2002. Once the record was released, the guys hit the road non-stop. “We wanted to get (New Beat) out there as much as possible because we believed in it,” Guitarist and vocalist Ben Brewer says. “That was almost two years touring on that record. We kept getting these offers; it was like a carrot in front of a horse.”

“We did the whole tour thing and now we’re a very, very solid live band,” Brewer explains. “We just try to put everything into it and try to have fun. When you’re driving 12 hours to play 30 minutes of music, you don’t want to fuck up. When you take that much time on the road by yourself, you become a different type of thing. We could have just chilled out in New York, but I don’t know what kind of band we would be right now. It’s just a natural process. We realized that every show we’d play, we’d be a little bit better.”

Since writing and recording New Beat, an album that Kerrang! Magazine called “a heady fusion of Foo Fighters, The Clash and the classic songwriting suss of ‘80s legends The Police,” the Exit has been moving past its influences, developing an original sound that has grown organically through the past three years of touring.

The Exit recently completed recording its second full-length, Home For an Island, produced by Ron Saint-Germain (Tool, Sonic Youth, Bad Brains, 311), showcasing its maturity, poise, and intelligence. The title of their sophomore release is taken from singer Jeff Darosa's lament of his nomadic wanderings back and forth between Brooklyn to Manhattan. "I left my home for an island, where rebels fly in on airplanes," sings DaRosa on the title track.

Similarly, as if the two singers were playing lyrical ping pong, Ben Brewer's song "Back to the Rebels" outlines modern plutocratic urban life. "It seems like when we get something special, they buy it up and sell it back to the rebels. I don't like it anymore than the next man, I just do what I can."

Following the recording sessions, the road-hungry trio immediately hopped in their van for a full US tour with English rock lords Muse, debuting most of the songs from their upcoming album. With Marsha Vlasic (Elvis Costello, Le Tigre, The Strokes) signed on for booking, expect to see The Exit redefine the term “road-warrior” as they perform up, down and around the globe.

If you’re yearning for something truly refreshing – with a hint of nostalgia - to wet your musical palette, we invite you to experience The Exit live and direct. You won’t be disappointed. Home For An Island is out now on Some Records.


Don't Push

Written By: The Exit


"Don't Push"

beginners luck, white legs
in and out, of a sleep
behind the wheel, black eyes
like to scream, you do if you can feel

the glass breaks, glass shattering
find your angel, lose your hobby
everybody, you gotta do something right
if you find love hold on tight

don't push, your love away
don't push, your love away

then on the walk on my way back home
i get a call from a friend on the telephone
he says come here i've got this girl to see
but beware, love isnt always free
upon first glance, i got so hungry
forbidden fruits, you gotta taste them
i took one bite, we all take chances
poison lips, doomed romances

don't push, your love away (don't push your love away)
don't push, your love away (don't push your love away)

a kiss of death, on the door
thats what you get, for takin home a whore
i shouldnt say that, it doesnt sound nice
faith removes my fear sometimes
i'm too shy, you're too sharp
together we can work eachother out
loves too quick, she's always been
we're in your bed, drunk with adrenaline

don't push, your love away (don't push your love away)
don't push, your love away (don't push your love away)

and i can see better days
we can share, love can save
you can hide in yourself
we can go our seperate ways

and i've seen better days
pass me by in a haze
and we've seen better days
pass us by in a haze
i've seen better days

don't push your love away


Debut LP-"New Beat"
Sophomore LP-"Home for an Island"

Set List

45 min Sets

1."Don't Push"
2."Home for an Island"
3."Let's go to Haiti"
4."Already gone"

-No covers