The ExoSkeleton
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The ExoSkeleton

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""Raising the Bar-cait""

Members of The Barcait Couture would like to apologize to their friends and families for disappearing over the past few months.

But they've finally captured the sound they want: an aggressive mix of pop-punk bounce, guitar solos and blasts of thrash metal, sometimes all in one tune.

Band members--vocalist/guitarist Vinny Malave, guitarist Reece Austin, bassist Dan Lambton and drummer Jason Rauen--hope people will understand why they've opted for band practice or recording instead of hanging out.

RedEye chatted with Malave recently about the band's sound, its new, self-titled EP and its live shows.

What's the craziest thing that's happened to the band?
[On] April 22, playing with Alkaline Trio at the Rave in Milwaukee. I got to talk to [Alkaline Trio lead singer] Matt Skiba. They're one of my biggest influences. For me to play with them was just surreal.

What's the most unique thing about the band?
We don't have any boundaries. ... We do whatever feels right. If it's a slow song, we're going to go with that. We have breakdowns, strings, acoustics; we have it all. There's nothing we're against.

What makes your live show great?
We have theatrics and everything. ... Not many bands put on a show--not just a rock show, but a show. We have intros, interludes; it's interesting and fun to watch.

Tell us something totally random about the band.
The name doesn't mean anything. "Barcait" isn't a real word. It's a name I got in a dream. If people want to look it up in the dictionary, tell them to have fun.
- Kent Green (Chicago Redeye)

"Chaton Studio"

"I love them. They remind me why rock and roll still matters!"

Award Winning Engineer
Otto D'Agnolo - Otto D'agnolo


Bury the Name (2010)



In the dead of night, the dirt shifts and shakes, and from the graves of The Barcait Couture, The Exoskeleton rise. Members Vinny Malave, Reece Austin, and Jason Rauen have scratched and clawed their way to the surface, with harder shells and heavier music. The addition of bassist Max Steinberg has reinvigorated their sound with a thunderous force that rumbles in your chest. Guitarists/Vocalists Vinny and Reece have cast off their roots to craft a unique style filled with contrasting harmonies and surging melodies that breathe new life into this grey world. Accompanied by drummer Jason, their music pulsates with intensity, hammering heavier than ever.

Since their arrival in October of 2010, The Exoskeleton has given glimpses as to exactly what this monster has become. The debut of songs "Johnny Muerto," a gorish and gruesome tale of a boy accompanied by vicious guitars and thrashing beats, and "Death by Stereo," an homage to the true vampire which marches tenaciously and builds to a dominating cresendo, have proven this band is methodical in its madness; each song leaves you wanting more. Earlier works, such as "112 Ocean Ave" and "His and Hearse," altered to match the complexity this insect is capable of, the melodies ebb and flow with new rhythms that ensnare. The Exoskeleton has already made their presence known in the Chicago music scene, playing with locally renowned band, The Action Blast. In the short time since The Exoskeleton’s inception, their captivating sound has spanned the city, from shows at the Red Line Tap, Bottom Lounge and even the Congress Theatre.

The future promises much from this methodical monster of musical mayhem, The Exoskeleton have been recording tracks for an EP to be released this summer. With the single “112 Ocean Ave.” already available on iTunes, this forthcoming album will bring just as much force and raw aggression as the song portrays. The time has come to put down the computers and pick up electric guitars, turn off the Auto-Tune and turn up the amp; it’s time to put heart and talent into music again. Soon, this dead scene will be brought back to life, reawakened by a band who reflects the true soul of rock ‘n roll: The Exoskeleton.

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