The ExoSkeleton old 2

The ExoSkeleton old 2

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Our music is unique. We don't sound like anyone but we sound like everyone. We take elements of different genres and make it our own. Theres no real way to experience it until you see us live. We put on one hell of a live show and thats a promise. Just see for yourself.



Case File: #822314

Suspects: Vinny Malave, Reece Austin, Jason Rauen, Max Steinberg (aka The ExoSkeleton)

Case Details: It was a ghastly spectacle, the local music scene savagely murdered and the blood covered boys of The ExoSkeleton are responsible. In the two years since the band's inception, The ExoSkeleton has gone from their pop-punk influence to a visceral rock that is both unique and frightening. Frontmen Vinny and Reece deliever songs about love, hate, and revenge; paired with surging guitars and blasting drumbeats. With songs such as "Superheroin," a relentless assault which seethes with rage, and "Revengance," a gruesome picture of payback, The Barcait Couture has captivated hundreds and secured their place in the Chicago music scene. The inspiration for The ExoSkeleton's violent images and hate lies in their backstory. Their climb to notoriety has been a treacherous one, filled with struggles and strains that would have broken most. These hardships have driven them forward, however, giving the four a spot on last year's Warped Tour and an article in an upcoming issue of Alternative Press. A recorded EP is currently filed under evidence, but rumors of a full length CD and music videos on the horizon.

The suspects are still on the loose, having evaded capture thus far. Their influence is
spreading, and soon their victims will be all but forgotten. The ExoSkeleton seeks to turn the music industry on it's heel, they stand as a danger to modern music, to routine scenes, and anyone who stands in their way.

Any information leading to their capture should be sent to


Bury the Name EP (2010)

Set List

We have a typical 6 song set for the 30 minute set shows. All together we have many songs.

Naked Pancho Man
Just A Matter of Time
My Last Goodbye
I'll Sleep When You're Dead...
Silent Audio
Good Mourning
Death of the Party
You Lie Better on the Floor
White Flag
Stand Back Up
The Roads Between Us
Letting You Go
My Favorite Mistake
With These Words
and more...

We also have a few covers which include:

Blink 182- Rock Show
Blink 182- Rollercoaster
Alkaline Trio- Mercy Me
Alkaline Trio- Hell yes
MXPX- Wrecking Hotel Rooms
+44- No It Isn't
Sum 41- Hell Song
The Cure- Just Like Heaven