The Experimental Earth

The Experimental Earth


We don't have a formula. Each song has it's own personality. Songre is Latin with a Funk twist, Innocence Is almost Jazz/Contemporary, Sean's Coconuts is Islander/Reggae/Pop/Calypso If that's even possible, and Fullmoon and Burnout are rock songs. Listen @


The Experimental Earth began its formation back in early 2003 during the
bitter cold month of January. The band rapidly established members
after a short period of musician wanted ads and chance encounters. By
February 2003, the band now consisted of four main members (minus a singer): Mark Salinas (Drums), Brian Wise (Bass), Kevin Jackson (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), and Sean Dixon (Rhythm/Lead Guitar). As the band members quickly bonded, a volley of songs began to cascade outward. Everything was clicking; musically meshing and harmoniously balancing. Within the next two months the entire band landed a house and all moved in. Throughout the next year an onslaught of obstacles hit the band left and right. With the will to pursue and drive continually forward; the band persevered. In 2004, the band still strictly
instrumental; finally ran into the perfect singer (Nick Krieg) that would ultimately bring the band into a new level of song and melodic compliment ~ now the band was complete...


Self titled EP Available for listening on both the band website and our Myspace/theexperimentalearth acount..

Set List

Our music set list consists mostly of our original music, which ranges in performance times of Thirty minutes to an Hour 1/2 ...the only cover we are performing within these set lists is Fascination Street (The Cure)...Our average performance time has been an hour for most occasions and club performances.