The Experimental Tropic Blues Band

The Experimental Tropic Blues Band

 Li├Ęge, Walloon Region, BEL

Wild and crazy rock and roll combo from Belgium...after hundreds of shows in Europe and in the US, the band recorded it's last album in March 2011 in NYC with Matt Verta Ray & Jon Spencer produced it. This awaited LP will be out in late 2011/begining of 2012...


Great rock and roll trio from Belgium, The Experimental Tropic Blues Band are now part of the best european rock and roll live acts.
After 10 years of shows (more than 400 in Europe and in the USA), 1 EP and 2 LP's, the band recorded it's new LP last March in New York City, with Jon Spencer who produced it!
This album, untitled "Liquid Love" will be out in Belgium in November 2011 and all over Europe in 2012. The band will do a first euro tour in October / november 2011 and more in 2012!


Shopping Blues Band (EP Demo - 2001)
Boogie Bastards (EP Demo - 2003)
Dynamite Boogie (EP - 2005)
Hellelujah (LP - 2007)
Captain Boogie (LP - 2009)
Liquid Love (LP due to be out in Fall 2011 - Winter 2012)