The Exposed

The Exposed


The Exposed are a melodic Punk Rock band with a message to wake up not only the youth but people of all generations and encourage them to take advantage of the free speach we have and make a difference. Tonight We'll Start a Movement.


With their Universal Punk sound and a passion for the spirit of the 70’s Punk Rock movement, The Exposed have, since forming in 2005, become a well respected and popular band.
Compared to The Clash by their peers and fans, they have successfully produced a sound that takes its roots from various musical genres creating a soundtrack for the youth and beyond in songs that address the issues of today’s society.
With playing live being the very soul of the band, The Exposed ensure that all gigs played are treated as a ‘show’ full of energy and enthusiasm giving the audience the feeling that they are not only part of the show but a voice to be heard and answered.
2006 saw the release of their debut album ‘Marching On’ on their DIY label, Headcase Records. Selling over 700 copies from various outlets including HMV and Virgin, the band went on to sell out various venues throughout the south, drawing in crowds of up to 400.
Having developed a strong local fan base in the south of England, The Exposed went on to gig around the UK at various venues and festivals including shows with Stiff Little Fingers, The Bouncing Souls, Sham 69 and Spunge.
With over a 100 gigs under their belt throughout the UK, the summer of 2007 saw the band set off for their first European dates taking in 4 countries in a 5 day period.

Following the success of their 2007 European dates The Exposed are returning to gig in Europe in 2008 including appearances at festivals and local TV stations.
After recently completing a 10 night busking tour with Anti-Flag, the band are looking to further develop their fan base to continue their mission of becoming the biggest and most influential band to come out of England!


"On Your Radio - EP" Released June 2006
"The Cat's Getting Fatter" - Single from the first EP recieving radio airplay.
"Marching On - Full length Album"
"Marching On - Single" Including video featured on various internet music video sites.
1234 Single - Played on various UK Radio stations.

2007 - A Place we call home Demo.
2008 - Rock N Riot EP
Rock N Riot Single recieving radio airplay around the UK, Canada, Hawaii, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Set List

Below is a 30 minute set, although longer is available.

Better Wait (From the "A Place we call home" demo)
Do you believe (From the "A place we call home" demo)
Rebel's Journey (From the "Rock N Riot" EP)
Jane Doe (Unreleased)
Overbored (From the "Marching On" album)
The Cat's Getting Fatter (From the "On your radio" EP)
Rock N Riot (From the "Rock N Riot" EP)
A Place we call home (From the "A place we call home" demo)