the eXtinct

the eXtinct


My music is an almost genere mixed adventure into the unknown. It has serious and comical lyrics. Listen for yourself to make your own judgement.


I am the Extinct, I have played in bands but didn't fit in due to not sticking a specific genre. I have made 3 EPs and just recorded a debut album. This is the first project where I have written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced everything myself! So, I hope you enjoy it! Just joined so I will update later.


Delete Demon

Written By: the eXtinct

Delete Demon

You took away my substance
I replaced it with yours
You took away my being
And burndened me with talk
My hurt made a champion
A Lord of my breath
My sunshine brought life
But now it brings death

Round it up and place together
Fit the pieces in
Close the door and leave forever
Wallow in your sin

That was me over there
The child you left alone and afraid
Now I tower over you like a god
And I will have my wrath!

One by one, you start to realise
I have control
Erase your hands, erase your arms
Your grip on me is gone

©2008 the eXtinct


Planet Self- EP (2001)
Titles- EP (2002)
Take Pride in your Condemnation- EP (2007)
Delete Demon- Album (2008)

Set List

Have not gigged my solo stuff yet, but have plenty of band-gigging experience.