The Extinct
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The Extinct

Rocky Point, New York, United States | SELF

Rocky Point, New York, United States | SELF
Band Metal Punk




"Apocalyptic Death Punk E.P Review"

The Extinct

Apocalyptic Death Punk Review

Track 1 Hordes

This ep opens with a roar, as the punk quartet The Extinct show thier punk roots.
the opening track showcases the bands atributes as a true dark punk band liken to that of the misfits right off the bat.
they waste no time telling you exactly what your infor on a first listen, catchy choruses wailing sing alongs and driving guitar riffage and pounding drums.
a great song to open with!

4.5 of 5

Track 2 The Hills Run Red

This song is exactly what the extinct are about! Dark dismal lyrics you can sing with a big shit eating grin.
the only thing this track is missing is the obligatory WOAH WOAH WOAH! bridge, but what they lack in punk cliches
they more then make up for in one of the catchiest choruses i have heard in a long time. its infectious in the best way possible.

4.9 of 5

Track 3 Lead Us Not

Possibly my favorite song on this five song tease, and thats my only complaint with this ep in general, it left me wanting more.
this track shows the diversity of this band and truly lives up to the more metal aspect this band promises to deliver.
the driving guitar riff opens into the dark lyrical imagery that is laden through out this disc "Take the devils hand till your palms are bleeding"
the song out of nowhere explodes into an earth shattering breakdown that will get even the most stationary crowd pounding the hell out of each other.

4.5 of 5

Track 4 Apocalypto

Another fun song but it falls only the slightest bit flat compared to the rest of the tracks on Apocalyptic Death Punk.
the fact is the worst song on this ep would still be the best on some of the other efforts i have seen coming from acts of this genre.

3.0 of 5

Track 5 Left For Dead

A great closer to this fun roller coaster ride AND it has my beloved WOAH WOAH WOAH! and an awesome pwerful one at that.

4 of 5


The Extinct's Apocalyptic Death Punk does pretty much everything right to keep me listening. Its energenetic dark and above all fun>
if you havent checked out The Extinct do it now! seriously! If your looking for another punk band to add to your collection the extinct are a must have!
Especially if your a fan of The Misfits, Alkaline Trio, and Bad Religion The Extinct are all that with a splash of hardcore and metal!

Overall rating

4.5 of 5 - Dead Rats Promotions

"The Extinct Review 3"

Love it! Is like misfits in the 90's with danzig again on vocals, so perfect for me! The hills run red is my fav, i'm giving you 9/10! Great work! - Sign My Band to Roadrunner Records

"The Extinct Review 3"

Love it! Is like misfits in the 90's with danzig again on vocals, so perfect for me! The hills run red is my fav, i'm giving you 9/10! Great work! - Sign My Band to Roadrunner Records

"The Extinct Review 2"

What a great band, sounds different and you have an unique style i like it, congratulations!!!
10/10!!! - Sign My Band to Roadrunner Records

"The Extinct Review"

I have never heard music like this in my life. So original and refreshing to hear a band do something besides cookie cutter death metal and screamo. The singer sounds just like Glenn Danzig at times with a hint of Matt Heafy from Trivium. Guitar work is phenomenal and the drums are on point. I'm loving the Misfits'esque punk with the death metal and metal. The recordings could be better but hey, if a band can sound great on low quality I can only imagine what great recordings would sound like. I will definitely be picking your album when it drops. Keep up the good work boys. 10/10 - Sign My Band to Roadrunner Records


"Hordes - demo (2012)

"Apocalyptic Death Punk" -E.P (2012)

"Darkside" - Single (2012)
Used in the Darkside Haunted House T.V commercial and radio ad

"Run For Your Lives" Single (2013)
Promo song intended for use with the Run For Your Lives
Zombie 5K race. Song was never used.



The Extinct was born from the remains of a Misfits tribute band known as American Nightmare. As the only Misfits tribute band on Long Island the band decided to write originals, crafting their work from the inspiration of Misfits style punk songs with a new school breed of today's metal.

Formed by singer John Browne and guitarist Vern Boward, American Nightmare/The Extinct was joined by drummer Sal Varisco and bassist Don Cuozzo. Sal and Vern played together in numerous Long Island bands within the past 10 years so the music chemistry was already in place and ready to go. With Don just joining out of sheer passion for music the Extinct was ready to hit the Long Island music scene with their own breed of music which they refer to as "death punk".

The Extinct gained a large fan base from playing out live constantly and continue to expand their horizons both as musicians and people. As of now the band is firing on all cylinders and nothing seems to be slowing them down anytime soon...