The Extraordinary Contraptions

The Extraordinary Contraptions

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Epic, dimension-spanning songs of steampunk and strife are the specialty of THE EXTRAORDINARY CONTRAPTIONS, musical adventurers blending danceable prog rock, infectious pop, tight vocal harmonies, and Victorian aesthetics into a propulsive, raucous roadshow.


A chemist, a time traveler, a gentleman explorer, and a mad genius join forces... to save the world with their aural odysseys of steam, strife, and romance! The Extraordinary Contraptions, the dimension-hopping rock-and-rollers from Atlanta, Georgia, create a total art, centered upon epic songwriting and superb musicianship as they spin their melodical tales from a time that never was. They effortlessly fuse the steampunk aesthetic, a DIY work ethic, and rock and roll sensibilities to offer a unique experience that grows and evolves with each new timestream they visit.

The Extraordinary Contraptions were formed in the Summer of 2007 by four geeks with an interest in epic storytelling and more musical chops than are usually allowed in a rock band. After some experimentation, they came home to the Atlanta steampunk scene where they developed their musical ideas into an all-encompassing storytelling form. They combine any and everything their creativity fancies in the service of spinning their yarns of scientific romance and gaslight fantasy. Three albums and an unexpected drummer later, the Contraptions are hitting their stride as they set their sights on bigger, more fantastical artistic endeavors.


Inappropriate on Purpose - LP, 2009
Scratch the Aether - LP, 2010
"No Waste" as single on Nophest Compilation Four - 2010
The Time Traveler's Constant - LP, 2012

Set List

TBD based on whimsy, genre of companion bands, mood of crowd, and size of room. We have over 40 original songs, and can tailor set lists to your needs, from family-friendly to not-safe-for-work.