The F3W

The F3W


Classy, high quality music with influences that range from jazz to blues to funk and the attitude of 60s rock n roll. Like Robben Ford or Jimi Hendrix playing rock n roll with John Scofield's band.


The F3W (pronounced "The Few") got their start playing casuals as a jazz organ trio around USC and downtown Los Angeles. Since their inception in the Fall of 2006, The F3W have developed into a cohesive, driving force, smashing together harmonic influences from jazz and blues with the attitude of 60's rock n roll.

Featuring the songwriting of vocalist/guitarist Ryan Lerman, the groove-based funk drumming of Louis Cole, and the east-coast, hard bop feel of organist Andrew Carroll, The F3W have moved beyond the genre of a crossover organ trio, creating a fresh and energetic sound and accumulating an exploding fan base in the Los Angeles area all the while.

With a self-titled EP released in July and a west coast tour under their belt, The F3W are currently playing shows around Southern California, and in the process of recording their highly anticipated full-length debut album to be released in early 2008.


The Greatest Story

Written By: Ryan Lerman

This gray sky, these crimson clouds
Oh how they make the perfect background
For this life, it will unfold: the greatest story every to be told
You will be bright, brighter than the sun
And stronger than the ocean

The moon is out, but it's still day
And whats more, I always think of you this way
Not too much, but just enough
Not too soft, but not too rough
You will be kind, kinder than the earth
He was like the moon, too

You, you will follow me through
Your toes behind my footsteps, your eyes one step ahead
And you, you will make mistakes
But you will make me happy
You will find something to love
And you will be loved


The F3W - EP

Set List

Our typical set ranges from 45 minutes to an hour, featuring original music as well as covers.
Originals include:
"Something In Return,"
"The Aquarium,"
"Motel Sadness"
"Paper Bag,"
"The World,"
"Right in the Head,"
"A Fire in the Attic," and
"The Greatest Story."

Covers include:
Hendrix' "Manic Depression"
Josh Rouse's "His Majesty Rides"
Ray Charles' "I Don't Need No Doctor"