The Fabric

The Fabric


Drawing on the classic sounds of scene pioneers like Depeche Mode while incorporating subtle elements of modern electronica, The Fabric highlight the more melodic side of electronic music with their clear focus on songwriting over disposable dance beats.


The Fabric started as a studio project in mid-2004. Songwriter/recording artist Jeremy Frank and vocalist Joe Sikes (both formerly of Atlanta-based rock group ODK ) were seeking to complete a body of work three years in the making. To achieve that goal, they collaborated with Sharaab, an Atlanta-based producer and studio technician.

Working at Maze Studios, the trio proceeded to complete their backlog of songs. Soon the working partnership grew as Sharaab became fully integrated with The Fabric, contributing his elegant production style to refine the well-crafted songwriting of Jeremy and Joe. In addition to producing and remixing the earlier material, the newly-formed band began writing new tracks as well as collaborating on Sharaab's latest album Evolution.

The result of this effort is The Fabric's debut full-length album, titled "Man Vs. Prototype". The 12 song record encompasses the best that electronic-based music has to offer, with finely textured constructs, nuanced-yet-danceable beats, and heart-rending lyrics. Although arrangements vary from symphonic-fuelled breakbeats to delicate ambient excursions, The Fabric never breaks from the emotionally charged songwriting at its core, recalling the height of 80's synth-pop bands without ever reverting to retro-hysterics, like so many of their contemporaries.



Written By: The Fabric

I can't wait to simplify my days
to never have to separate work and play
It would be tragic if I canceled my wait
Can't afford to bypass fate

I can't wait to feel that I'm OK
I dream about this every day
The only thing that keeps me in shape
is knowing that I won't break
and knowing that I'll be OK

Is my dreaming wrong?
Am I to far from what is reality?
Only a second thought away from being reactive

I have an obstruction
and it takes a long time
to think of the other ways I can climb

I can open the borders
except in my mind
a shadow of a wager
that I would resign

I try to open the borders
enough to reach order
Don't you care about those things in your mind?

I wake up to disorder and I wish for no more
than what is natural for me to survive

And I can't appeal to everyone
but you make me feel like I'm the most wonderful soul you've ever loved...


Written By: Jeremy Frank & Joe Sikes

This heart of yours has wept.
Now it is time to forget.
Brave, muted soul engraved.
All of your time has been saved
through your meaningless cleaning house.
All you have left, you can still do without.
Buying your time with respect will give you more room to connect.

Morphing, melting and mingling with each step.
Who really cares what comes next?
Our truest reflections are found when we're holding close to our ground.


Man vs. Prototype
May 2008
Undo Recordings

Currently in airplay at select stations across the US! Charting on CMJ RPM chart.

Set List

45 minute set. All original song set from Man vs. Prototype and new (in-production) album. One cover medley consisting of 80's pop-electronic songs.