The Fabulous HighTops

The Fabulous HighTops


The Fabulous HighTops are a high energy Southern Blues/Rock band that is sure to please just about everybody.


The Fabulous HighTops were formed by David Johnson, Al Halpin and James Petty after a long stretch with Lectric Liz and LiveWire. When Liz decided she didnot wish to tour. The addition of Frank O'Brien on Hammond B3 and Jim McCoy on Drums gave The Band the energy that matched David Johnson's vision as a songwritter.
David Johnson, vocals and lead guitar, has been described as a crooner whose voice is second only to his ability to play guitar. Johnson has traveled across the US since he was 18 years old, sharing the stage with musicians such as good friend Alligator Recording Artist Michael Burks, Bob Margolin, Kim Wilson, Taj Mahal, Billy Gibbons and others throughout the years.
Al "BIG AL" Halpin has graced the stages in New York and the rest of the US playing his electric slide and lead guitar work since he was a teenager. David and BIG AL have been playing together for the last 6 years.
James "JP" Petty has been David's writing partner and bassist for the last 20 years and has shared the stage with the same great names has David plus Molly Hatchett and Marshall Tucker Band.
Jim McCoy is the newest addition to the Fabulous HighTops and has been the Drummer for Molly Hatchett and Locally Smiley Died.
Frank O'Brien adds his Allman Bros. style Hammond B-3 sound to round out the sound of the Fabulous HighTops and has been a local Favorite for 3 years.
Together these five make up the unmistakable sound of the Fabulous HighTops.


The Fabulous HighTops released thier CD All Laced Up & Steppin' Out in May of 2004. Featuring 3 cover tunes and 8 original tunes by David Johnson or David Johnson and James Petty. The David Johnson Originals 1st Thing In The Mornin', Someone Eles Arms and Gimme Back My Broken Heart can be heard on The King Bisquit Flower Hour with Sonny Payne, The Chef Eddie Blues Review, The Generic Blues Hour University of AR and other college radio shows.

Set List

The set list differs from Festival to club dates. The average set list for a Festival is 1.5 to 2 hours long.1st set in a club is 1.5 to 2 hours long. The Following is an example:
The Chill
Shame, Shame, Shame
SomeoneElse Been Steppin in
7th Son
GimmeBack MyBroken Heart [origina]l
1st Thing in the mornin [original]
My Babe
Nobody’s Home
Looka Here [original]
No More Doggin’
Mexican Blackbird
Tryin to live my life
Someone Elses Arms [original]
I Got Lucky Last Night
Keep Your Motor Runnin' Baby
Cigarettes & Alcohol
additional songs
Just A Little Bit
6345789[that's my number]
Before You 'Cuse Me
6 Days On The Road
Sonspot Baby
Wonderful Tonight
Why Get Up
Look At That Look At That
Black Magic Woman
Oye Com O Va