The Fabulous Minx

The Fabulous Minx

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Mothers, lock up your daughters. Drawing inspiration from the savage side of early American
music, the Fabulous Minx are a four-piece band from Tulsa, OK. Known for their raucous
sound and ferocious live performances, these greased-up rock ‘n’ rollers are here to make
your brow sweat and your ass shake.


Spurred by the near-collapse of the world economy and the grinding halt of its governing 

bodies, audiences cried into the dark for the sounds of a booming, unified post-war 

America. Bands from coast to coast answered the call, donning their bowling shirts and 

dusting off their upright basses to meticulously replicating the sounds of early rockabilly, blues 

and rock ‘n’ roll.

The Fabulous Minx were not one of these.

When 2012 RAW musicians of the year Shake Shake went on permanent hiatus in 2013, 

guitarist Ryan Daly and drummer Noah Sears pried themselves from the tedious circle-jerk of 

nostalgia and embraced the seedy, savage sides of their early influences to form the 

Fabulous Minx.

“A lot of musicians put on an old suit, throw some grease in their hair, and pussy-foot around 

the stage like some sexless, leopard-clad imitation of the greats that came before them,” 

Daly said. “But that ain’t us, baby.”

“Where’s the danger?” Sears shouted from behind his sweat-crusted denim vest. “All the 

energy of that early music. The recklessness. Those audiences were a half-step from coming 

completely unhinged. They made their parents nervous. That electricity, that’s the part we 

want to recreate.”

Daly and Sears marched loudly forward as a duo for two years, earning a reputation for their 

raucous sound and ferocious live performances. Mothers locked up their daughters and 

prayed for their sons. Audiences trembled with a mixture of fear and elation.

In 2014, the stars aligned and transformed the band’s longtime producer and wrangler 

Andrew “Naughty” Notar Sears into the great North American Saxsquatch. His silky horn now 

sounds the siren’s call, making mighty men crumble and drawing wayward women toward 

him. Finally, suffering from an excess of high frequencies, the Minx added longtime band 

crush Jill Park on bass. Together, these greased-up rock ‘n’ rollers are here to make your brow 

sweat and your ass shake. Are you prepared?