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The FaceLifters

Pawcatuck, Connecticut, United States | SELF

Pawcatuck, Connecticut, United States | SELF
Band Rock Punk


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"The FaceLifters, The Beehive"

The FaceLifters are our newest addition here at the MMA. Their music is an interesting return to the funky-ska-punk days of Golgo 13 in the mid '90's. The group began in 2006 in Mystic, with members Danny Farrell on bass, Matt Georgetti on guitar and vocals, Dylan Rigolini behind the drums, and Patrick Boyle on lead vocals. The four joined together under the common goal of bringing a fun environment back to the local scene.

They've been playing every gig they can get the band on, beginning to ply the Corridor between NYC and Boston. They profess a will to play anywhere, anytime, with the Boyle caveat of "... as long as we're all in the same country." The band will get a great chance to capitalize on that theory when they play the 5th annual IAM Festival in New London, CT on Saturday, September 11th. The FaceLifters will begin the day-long free music event in a Richie Havens style.

This is their third self produced release, following Bodily Functions and last years Freud. They also contributed four tracks on The Lobster Mixtape, an old-school home-made compilation disc of Mystic bands from 2008 that also included MC Whitewash and Steve Irwin & the Stingrays. We present The Beehive in it's entirety, here: Check it out! - Mystic Music Archive

"The Venue News CD Reviews"

The Facelifters
Disc starts with amped up funk punk, driven by wild beats. Meshes into
all around clean sound similar to no one. The entire disc bounces all over the spectrum from rock to blues,punk,funk, reggae really in a class of its own. Ya gotta love the individuality of the lyrical genius who set the baseline for those renegade drums. A+ - The Venue Newspaper


Bodily Functions- 2006
Freud- 2007
The Lobster Mixtape- 2009
The Beehive- 2010



In the small fishing village of Stonington, Connecticut, a powerful and inspiring group was formed. As if it were out of obligation, The FaceLifters formed in 2004 with the sole intentions of lifting faces with their unique funk-punk style and blowing minds with their truth-be-told lyrics. For over six years, the band has been writing, practicing and recording, perfecting an art form that is truly awe-inspiring, motivating, and captivating.

The early formation of The FaceLifters was a revolving door, of sorts. It did not take long, however, to adapt a solid line up for their jazz, punk and funk style. Front man and songwriter, Pat Boyle amazed crowds with not only his seemingly outrageous lyrics, but also with his erratic, free-flowing dance moves. Providing the funk-driven bass lines was Danny Farrell, a childhood friend of Pat’s and the lower backbone of The FaceLifters. Keeping up with the two at a sonically insane pace was Colin Desmarais, a jazz drummer who already had an incredible repertoire with various school music groups. Together, these kids would make history, and they weren’t even out of high school yet.

The trio of drums, bass, and vocals gained quite a bit of attention playing shows and winning the Stonington High School Battle of the Bands. After this great victory, it was clear for all to see that this was not just any high school garage band; great things were to be expected for The FaceLifters. Soon after, the band recorded their first album, entitled “Bodily Functions” which included tracks like Cerebellum, Jillian, Masturbating on a Sunday, I Am a Man, and Family Tree.

After a couple years of playing local gigs, gaining listeners and writing new songs, a fan and fellow student approached the band. Jeff Lewis, a saxophonist, claimed he enjoyed jamming to “Bodily Functions” at home and was ambitious enough to even record some tracks to show the band. The FaceLifters loved his talent and enthusiasm, so Lewis was featured on the first album release of “Freud”.

The band’s lineup did not include a saxophone for long, and The FaceLifters were back down to three members. Soon after, though, another fan named Matt Georgetti came into the picture, with amazing guitar skills that added a rough edge to their smooth, funk/punk sound. Matt proved his worth, adding in and filling the gaps in “Freud”. The FaceLifters lineup was now complete and a rerelease of the album was a necessity.

High School graduation split the group apart, but never broke them up. Between New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, The FaceLifters continued to grow a fan base while still bringing new songs to the table. In 2008, the band faced a tough decision. Matt Georgetti had formed a new group called Steve Irwin and the Stingrays, which included drummer Dylan Rigolini and bassist Nick Allard. Dylan was a remarkable drummer who, not only was dedicated to furthering a music career, but also won the hearts of The FaceLifters. He soon replaced Desmarais and both bands, together, practiced and continued playing shows. The sister bands established the beginning of a new music renaissance group- The 21st Century, a band of bands that would define a generation. "The Lobster Mixtape" was created in the summer of 2009 to jump start the 21st Century, featuring the bands and other local artists and distributed by hand to fans, friends and family.

In 2009, The FaceLifters had a new album concept, quickly dubbed “The Beehive”. This album would include the tracks Buck, Toxic Pet, Fringe Benefits, and Equestrian Girls. Over the winter and into the spring of 2010, the band was hard at work writing and recording in a do-it-yourself fashion. In July, the album was self-released and it immediately gained the praise of fans, newspapers, and magazines all over New England.

In September, The FaceLifters were honored to open the 2010 I AM Festival in New London, Connecticut. This event showcased the area’s best local talent and was an enormous opportunity for the band. The all day music festival was their chance to show the community exactly what The FaceLifters are all about. After a truly captivating set, the New London Day newspaper commended their “energetic burst” on stage.

Besides their groove and pulsating rhythm, the words written and stories told truly make this band one of a kind. Over all, the lyrical content of The FaceLifters’ music has been from a centralized viewpoint of the band’s hometown, the people in it, and the experiences of themselves and of their peers. The song titled “Buck” was written about a schoolteacher who was murdered by her husband. “Toxic Pet” is a song about one person’s reptile that transmits disease. “Fringe Benefits” is a song about some of Pat’s first experiences at college. These songs may seem fruitless on the surface, but the meaning behind them drives them beyond belief.

Relentless, passionate, and poised, the Facelifters are a remarkable group