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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Industrial




"Alt Industrial Rockers Danny Blu Interviewed"

Published on August 29th, 2014
untitledI am doing our first ever DM interview with Danny Blu. How’s everything going?

Everything’s going well! We’re writing some new material and rehearsing for our show tonight in Brooklyn.

Where are you playing?

We’re playing Goodbye Blue Monday. Pretty cool spot. Our friends in Middle Twin are in from Kansas and wanted to play a show with us

Is this your first time playing with Middle Twin?

They played a show in Kansas with us when we toured there in June

I guess we should explain this DM thing, HA! For those who don’t know we are on Twitter. Are you guys big into social media?

Its the future of the music industry. you can have a more personal connection with the musicians you listen toe into social media! all of us are big into it.

Who knew there would be a time where bands were interviewed like this?

Right? its a crazy evolution. one of the first pieces of advice I got when I started making music was to build my online presence first

So, before we go any further why don’t you tell our readers a little about you and your band?

Sure. We make industrial pop. Basically, if you combine Manson and Gaga together, you get us. We get compared to AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars, ect.

Awesome how long have you been together?

I started writing music in March 2010 and formed the band in May 2011. We’ve switched out members along the way and have a great lineup now.

197768_196436550409995_100187036701614_491664_6243177_nOne of the tough parts of playing any kind of music is loosing members, what is the line up right now?

Yeah its always a struggle. Right now it’s me (Danny Blu), Billy Long- Drums, Felix Skiver- guitar, and Rob Gnarly- Bass

Does it feel different with your current line up then it did with past members?

It does. The biggest thing that changes is the stage atmosphere. Each new member brings something completely different to the show. We’re all about a great live show. Having our individual presences onstage makes it personal and emotional

Industrial music seems to have made a resurgence these past few years. Why do you think this style is making a comeback?

It’s the technology thing. There is so much technology and its accessible. It used to be “How the hell do they make those sounds?” Now its “yeah I can do that, you combine this with this and this”. Industrial has always been about that heavy electronic element. with dubstep being so prevalent in the pop world, it was only a matter of time.

Something I have noticed is that the fans of this kind of music have been getting younger and younger (Thoughts)

I think as any genre becomes more popular, the fan base gets younger. Kids want what’s new and hot. I think its great. All of our “all ages” Shows are always sick. they throw down.

Over the years bands like NIN and Ministry seemed to pull in older fans. Do you see this scene evolving from where it is now?

I do. I see it happening already. bands like Motionless in White are combining the Manson industrial sound with metal/metalcore, etc! We’re combining it with pop… its happening all over

There was a long time where the fans lacked an idol. Now they multiple in each band

Absolutely. We’re in a time when we know the individual names of dudes in bands. i think that also has to do with social media. Each band member has their own twitter/inst/fb/etc… the fans can pick their favorite and talk to them, and the band becomes a brand It’s pretty amazing

Obviously bands like MIW and BVB have also utilized theatrics. You seem to have followed the same path. I think these days every band has a little Motley Crue in them.

haha yeah. Crue, Alice Cooper, Manson, Orgy. Theatrics create an atmosphere for the fans. We’ve always been fans of giving a show. It’s also the artistic element. We get the unique chance to live out fantasies. Show what’s going on in our heads.

Untitled102It is a bit amazing that this Motley Crue esc resurgence is happening in metal 25 years later. I personally want so much to dislike bands like BVB but they are helping to bring back metal on a large commercial scale. That seems very positive.

I know what you mean. But i think that anyone who brings music to the masses and keeps the scene alive is doing it justice. I don’t dislike anyone who followed their dreams toward music.

Speaking of music have you been in the studio lately?

We’re in the studio right now working on a couple singles. We signed with a new manager recently and are working on some new material. We’re going to be working with producer Nick Scott out of Detroit

Are you working on an album and if so how far along are you?

Just working on a couple of singles at the moment. Singles and music videos. They might end up on a future album ;)

You mentioned earlier about touring. Do you have anything planned for the coming future?

We don’t have a specific tour planned as we’re currently in a writing phase. But we leave the options open. we love the road. We would love to go on tour and open up for a band for a couple months. so we’re looking for the possibilities all the time

Wish list?

Hmmmm… MIW, FIR, Alesana, Halestorm, In this Moment, Sleeping with Sirens, Of Mice and Men, 5SOS, Farewell My Love, Escape the Fate.

Well, we just had a long chat about other bands music. LOL! What was the one “Danny Blu” question we didn’t get to?

How to find OUR music?? LOL!

Dude, I was going to ask that one. I got you. That’s my close out…. LOL!

LOL! my bad, my bad

How about, if you could be any kind of animal what would you be and why?

Oh shit….. hmm… I would be a bat. Awake at night, nobody bothers you, you can fly, and people probably think you’re a vampire

I really wanted you to say Pony! Ok, Danny you’re up, let people know where they can connect with Danny Blu and check out some music?

HAHA If I’m gonna be a pony! i’m gonna be a unicorn ;)

Our official site is, our facebook is and Twitter – @DannyBluMusic

If you can find us on any of those, you can find us anywhere ;) we’re also on spotify, pandora, itunes radio, and Radio.

Thanks for taking the time out for us today! What do you say to an Evil man eating unicorn?

Ha! I’d be down to be an evil man eating unicorn. bloody horn and all!

Interview by: Keith Lovett/Soundcrave Magazine - SoundCrave Magazine

"Danny Blu - "Saint" Review"

Neil Young once warned us that rust doesn’t sleep. Apparently, neither does Danny Blu. This New York City rocker is following up his “Do Your Worst”, from 2013, with a second album titled “saint”, just released last February on Factory22 Records (

“saint” is a ten song collection of mostly power pop tunes that range from a whisper to a roar. Heavily hooked choruses wedged between razor-sharp verses with the occasional middle eight bridges popping up here and there seems to pretty much be the formula Blu followed when making this record.

“Sebastian”, “Dead Like Me”, “All Night” and “Something to Believe” fall solidly into the catchy category while “The Lullaby of the Excommunicated”, “In the Dark (Fraust remix)” and “The Ballad of the Excommunicated” are the sonic detours that, at least I like to think, offer scenic glimpses of the artist’s strange, and off-the-wall mind. Even more ballad like than the aforementioned “The Ballad of the Excommunicated” are the single word titled tracks “Guilty” and “Asunder”.

Sexuality seems to be the reoccurring theme throughout “saint” with more of the emphasis placed on the mental and emotional vs. the strictly physical aspect of sex and intimacy. Danny Blu’s lyrics never deny the sheer pleasure found in the sex act, but he’s keenly aware of the unspoken baggage that frequently accompanies it after having it or being denied it; such as fear, guilt, disappointment and even isolation.

This somewhat Freudian touch to his music may be his grandest gift. Listen to “saint” very carefully. The impression it leaves is that you probably now know and understand this quirky musician a bit better. Not so much as an up and coming rock star, performance artist, a person who is sexually straight, gay or bi. No, this is someone who has lowered their defenses and allowed you to see that underneath it all, we’re all simply human. And that my friends, may be the hardest skin to wear in public.

Read more: - Music Banter

"The Skinny On Danny Blu's U.S. Sanctuary Tour"

PRLog (Press Release) - May 19, 2014 - NEW YORK -- Prior to the start of his 2014 North American Sanctuary Tour to promote his latest album, "saint", Danny Blu and his band The Factory have scheduled a warm up show at the famed New York City venue The Bitter End (147 Bleeker Street) for this Saturday, May 24th at 8 PM. Blu, also known as the rebel with a compassionate cause because of his crusade in the battle to fight teenage and cyber bulling, promises to make it a more than just memorable music night.

Using Facebook and Twitter he's urged his followers to send him a word that was used to taunt them while growing up which the performance artist have written on various parts of his body. He'll then strip to the skin at then end of his performance to demonstrate just how the words that are used to hurt can eventually become part of us. Words that have been contributed thus far range from: fatso, freak, and faggot to the unprintable (at least in most major news publications).

The 3 week long Sanctuary Tour already has 18 confirmed shows booked and with more expected to be added in the next several days. A film crew will be tagging along to capture his performances and of the stops along the way where Danny will be speaking at schools and community centers to share his knowledge and experience in dealing with bullies, as well as his message of acceptance and how kids can use art to find strength against adversity. This footage will be used to complete an upcoming documentary titled "Road to Change".

Here's a list of the venues where you can see and hear them live so be sure to keep on checking in for updates and tales from the road at

5/31 (Sat)-New York, NY @ Rockbar NYC

6/01 (Sun)-Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13

6/02 (Mon)-Cambridge, MA @ Middle East

6/03 (Tue)-New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine

6/04 (Wed)-Washington, DC @ Electric Maid

6/05 (Thu)-Charlotte, NC @ The Roux

6/06 (Fri)-Marietta, GA @ Swayze's

6/07 (Sat)-Knoxville, TN @ Longbranch Saloon

6/08 (Sun)-Birmingham, AL @ The Nick

6/09 (Mon)-New Orleans, LA @ Banks Street Bar

6/10 (Tue)-Houston, TX @ Happy Fun Land

6/11 (Wed)-Austin, TX @ Headhunters

6/12 (Thu)-Lubbock, TX @ Backstage

6/15 (Sun)-Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Music Hall

6/16 (Mon)-Joplin, MO @ The Cesspool Castle

6/17 (Tue)-St. Louis, MO @ Foam

6/19 (Thu)-Muncie, IN @ Be Here Now

6/21 (Sat)-Passaic, NJ @ Loop Lounge

Members of the media are invited to contact Danny Blu's PR reps at Mia Mind Music for additional information, schedule an interview, or to make a request to be included on his industry guest list for any of these shows. Call them at 1-800-843-8575 or email them at - PR Log

"Would You Stand Up to a Bully?"

I’m sure most people would say the answer is “yes” to the question asked in the title of this article. The sad truth is not just most people, but most of those in authority who we count upon to turn to when we’re in trouble fail to act when it comes to standing up to bullies. Well, there’s both good news and bad news about this problem.

The bad news is in the past weeks several articles published about bullying reported that when the time came to take a stand against a gang of bullies, authorities did not just turn their heads the other way so as to not having to assess the crime and intervene, they chose to blame the victim. In this case those authorities were a school system and the police department. Impossible, you say? Well, it’s not and in more cases than we’d like to acknowledge it’s actually just the way these sad situations conclude.

After teachers failed to intervene when a Pennsylvania high school sophomore with learning disabilities was being bullied he took matters into his own hands and recorded one of the terrorizing incidents just to prove he wasn’t lying about his torment. The boy’s mother took the recording to the school principal who contacted police, but instead of disciplining the attackers, they threatened the boy with felony wiretapping charges because the recording was made, they claimed, in a location where there is an expectation of privacy.

Eventually the victim’s charges were reduced to disorderly conduct by authorities and he was convicted by a district judge, even after testifying that he was unaware the law required him to obtain the bullies permission to record them. Thankfully, the District Attorney announced they planned to drop the charges. Local school officials maintained that they take allegations of bullying “seriously”. Seriously????

The good news is that there are organizations out there that victims can contact for help. The best known are, Hate The Hate and The Equality Project. There are also individuals who get involved. One such individual is New York City rock musician, performance artist and bully battler Danny Blu, who uses his art to promote a message of inclusion and acceptance. He also offers the kind of help and guidance that he wished someone had offered him while growing up and still in high school.

Often referred to as “The Rebel with a Compassionate Cause”, Blu is currently working on an anti-bullying film documentary titled “Road to Change” while out on his 2014 North American Sanctuary tour to promote his latest album, “saint”. He recently hosted an evening at a local nightclub where he appeared during the performance with “hate” words scrawled over his almost naked body. Hot Indie News contacted him and he was asked to comment on this issue.

“I cannot speak to the ‘breaking of laws’ in order to record the bullying that was going on” Danny Blu admitted, “as I am not versed in the state laws of Pennsylvania or how they enforce them in the school system. What I can speak to, however, is how proud I am of this student for taking matters into his own hands. It’s exhilarating to see someone not shying away from the issue, but really doing something about it. Sometimes you have to bend the rules in order to make positive change.”

“In my recent anti-bullying demonstration at Ella Lounge in NYC, I was stopped mid-performance and told that I could not continue my performance. I had stripped off my clothing for a stripped down performance, and written all of the hateful and nasty things that have been said about me in the past all over my body. The venue wouldn’t have it. But sometimes you have to bend the rules in order to get people talking about the issues at hand.”

“To further my anti-bully efforts, we will be going on tour in June and during that tour will be visiting schools, community centers, groups, houses, individuals, etc. We’ll be filming a documentary of all of these meetings and sharing stories in order to affect change.”

What would you do? Would you take a stand, or just look the other way and do nothing? Contact us with your thoughts on what can and should be done in regard to this epidemic of teenage and cyber bullying. If you’re interested in helping out, then contact the above mentioned organizations, or you can go to Danny’s web site ( to find out how you too can join in the fight and take a stand against bullies. Together we can make a difference. - Hot Indie News

"He's Back! saint by Danny Blu"

Following Do Your Worst, his 2013 release, Danny Blu is back again with a new album. This is his second record and saint boasts nine new songs and one danceable remix of a tune from his previous collection. Please allow me to tell you a bit about it.

The Ballad of the Excommunicated opens up the ten cut CD. It's more atmospheric and cinema-graphic than any of the prior work I heard on Do Your Worst. This track is cleverly revisited toward the end of the album and re-titled The Lullaby of the Excommunicated, is an abstract audio experiment. While it won't leave you walking away and whistling an unforgettable melody it does leave a lasting impression layered sounds.

Although saint is seemingly bookended by abstraction, by the second song, Sebastian, Danny Blu returns to pulling catchy hooks out of his creative cap. It's at this point that we know that the party's started and promises to get louder. All Night, the next number, succeeds at increasing the promised celebratory intensity and ends (literally) with a bang.

As with any good big bang it's not a bad idea to slow things down and catch your breath. And as with any good party one shouldn't be too surprised by the hangover that often accompanies the next morning. With the assistance of a trio composed of a pianist and a pair of violinists Danny delivers a vocal performance on Guilty that sounds as if it was tearfully sung on bended knee.

A frequently prescribed and usually self-medicated remedy for that post-party hangover is the time honored hair of the dog that bit you. In this case, it's a fast paced rocker called Something to Believe In that gets you blood back up to a boil in four minutes flat before cutting back the tempo again with Asunder.

The sequence of songs is very well thought out, because they all seem to be setting the stage for saint's pièce de résistance: Dead Like Me. From the two CDs I've heard from Danny Blu, Dead Like Me is the crown of creation. Fast, furious and fun are the best three words I can come up with to describe it.

Rounding out and ending the recoding are As It Seems and the aforementioned remix by Fraust of the track In the Dark and from Do Your Worst. Many artists would be hard pressed as where to go and how to end an album after a powerhouse anthem such as Dead Like Me. Danny Blu ( makes a very wise move and chooses to end it on the dance floor. Hey, if you gotta go, then baby, go out dancing! - CD Reviews by You

"Danny Blu - Sanctuary Tour"

Danny Blu
Industrial-Pop artist, Danny Blu will be hitting the road this summer to support of his 2nd album, Saint, in the Sanctuary Tour. Beyond the music, Danny Blu will be taking his LGBT youth outreach and anti-bullying campaign beyond the original 2011 ‘Set Me On Fire’ video on the road. Learn more about the tour and campaign here:
MATERIAL MEMORIE is proud to sponsor Danny Blu and his cause. Check him out on the road sporting custom MATERIAL MEMORIE. -

"Saint by Danny Blu (CD Review)"

Talk about great timing. I'd received the EPK for Danny Blu's second album; "saint" (Factory22 Records), well before the actual and promised physical press kit arrived via snail mail. While I had already scribbled out a rough draft of this review, I must say, what a difference there is in listening to music straight off a CD as opposed to those cramped, compressed MP3 files. It was also great to see one of my very own published reviews of his first album ("Do Your Worst") included in his press kit. A reminder that what I enjoy most about reviewing independent music is when you can watch a musician's career grow artistically, as well as their progression up the entertainment industry food chain.

"saint" offers nine new songs and one remix of an older recording off the aforementioned earlier release ("In the Dark - the Fraust remix" from "Do Your Worst"). Where the freshman album was clearly going for a slicker industrial pop sound, Blu's sophomore effort is a grittier approach that is best described as a wired world where power rock meets electronic/dub step. It's also deeply personal, as the accompanying cover letter paper clipped to the press kit explained, "Each song on this album is about struggle. The struggle to love, the struggle to defy love, the struggle to overcome, the struggle to apologize, the struggle to fight back, the struggle to be heard, the struggle to sacrifice, the struggle to live without regret. It's dedicated to you. For just like every other saint, somewhere deep inside, you know you are holy."

Top tunes on "saint" include, "Dead Like Me", "As It Seems" and "All Night". When you hear lines like "I'm as pretty as an I.V. drip and just as temporary. I'm as pretty as an exit wound, just half as fun..." well Toto, you know you're not in Kansas anymore more. In addition to some pretty impressive vocal work from Mr. Blu you have the Factory Blu band consisting of guitarist Felix Skiver, Phil Chaikin on bass with drums and percussion provided by Billy Long.

Speaking of his growth in the entertainment business, Danny's now become involved with making a documentary film about the band's first national tour and their planned sided stops at schools, community centers and shelters to talk to kids about teenage and cyber bullying. He's actively raising funds for this ongoing crusade and you can find out more about it, and even help out if you wish by taking a few moments and going to: -

"Saint by Danny Blu (CD Review)"

"Each song on this album is about struggle. The struggle to love, the struggle to defy love, the struggle to overcome, the struggle to apologize, the struggle to fight back, the struggle to be heard, the struggle to sacrifice, the struggle to live without regret. It's dedicated to you. For just like every other saint, somewhere deep inside, you know you are holy." That quote from Danny Blu's press kit is a pretty good summation of his latest and very personal album about struggle called saint.

saint leads off with a super spooky sermon titled The Ballad of the Excommunicated, an atmospheric techno track devoid of rhythm and rhyme that sounds like the background music one would expect to hear in one of the Dante described circles of Hell. This soon segues into a techno-pop piece (Sebastian) with its itchy, infectious "Murder me, shoot me full of arrows, nail me to your tree. Murder Me, burn me till I'm painless, make me say his name!" hook.

All Night shifts gears and goes into a more industrial rock mode with a touch of steampunked swagger. Next up Blu bares his soul on Guilty. Accompanied by only a piano and two violins he laments, "You can take my heart to replace the one I ripped apart tonight", before offering his plea of "guilty" to the unseen judge presiding over a melancholy court of failed love.

Something To Believe In concludes that many times it's not just love that's needed, but more so, it's really the need to believe in something. It's the fifth track on the CD and it's the album's anthem before downshifting the tempo with the synth heavy Asunder.

Picking up the pace again with Dead Like Me, the single from saint, we're treated to a sardonic, fun and danceable satanic strut. The acapella intro on As It Seems soon builds into an intense loud rock locomotive gathering steam as it tracks along. Revisiting the über creepy vibe that opened this candid collection of songs is The Lullaby of the Excommunicated. Once again Danny Blu tosses rhyme and rhythm to the wayside as his sorry subway full of lost souls descents even deeper into the pits of hell.

In The Dark (Fraust Remix), closes out the ten song saint compilation. It's a remix of a song off of an earlier release (Do Your Worst) and if you're a lover of EDM then this is the one for you. saint is not for someone who wants all their music to fit neatly into one category. It crosses over genres and fuses musical styles like a wide-eyed welder on mushrooms; but that's why it works. Just when you thought you knew where Danny Blu was going he disappears in front of your eyes, then sneaks up behind to kick the sound in a new direction. And that's a pretty cool trick! -

"Danny Blu brings theater, trash metal and a whole lotta makeup to Ella Lounge"

Artist Danny Blu fronts an industrial pop band with a highly produced sound and performance style. As he put it, “If you take Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga and smash them together, I'm the love child. A little bit of theatre, a little bit of trash metal, and a whole lot of makeup.” At first glance, his over-the-top looks with the spiked mohawk and knee-high platforms make him look like a club-kid drag queen; however, his passions are writing and performing.

We were especially intrigued when we heard that Danny Blu and The Factory’s Friday performance at Ella Lounge would involve stripping. Stripping away the electronic, synthesized sound upon which he’s built his reputation and rendering an acoustic set, that is.

But he was planning to do it naked, too.

“The nakedness was inspired by the anti-bully campaign and message that the band promotes,” Blu explained. “Bullying tends to strip you down and make you feel vulnerable. So I decided to strip down and become vulnerable. And all over my body, I wrote all of the nasty shit people have said about me over the years: fag, slut, fatty, whore, crackhead, poser, fake.” And while ‘fat ass’ is hardly an insult these days, he decided to write that in the most appropriate spot as well. As for the front, he covered his Blu-bits with what appeared to be a stiff napkin and (very gentle) adhesive.

In the middle of Blu’s set with his two guitarists Phil Duke and Billy Long, the club’s sound technician received orders from the owner that Blu had to put clothes on. It was unclear whether the concern was related to NYC laws or the owner’s personal opinion, but Blu complied. “I was pissed because I was enjoying the experience of the ‘protest’ and statement,” Blu told us. “But I was excited that what I was doing was actually being noticed and causing a reaction. It meant that the show wasn't lost.”

About halfway through the set, Blu invited Rachel Rosenblatt to address the audience about the documentary she will be making about Danny Blu and The Factory’s upcoming national tour. Proceeds from Friday’s show will help to finance the documentary and the tour, which will include performances at gay youth outreach centers.

Blu explained how elated he was at the prospect of focusing entirely on his music for the first time. “I am a bartender— like every other performer in NYC— and this will be the first time I get to leave it all and focus solely on performing and spreading ‘the gospel of Blu.’ I'm also pretty stoked to see what the different crowds/venues think about our show.” - Next Magazine

"Hot Indie News - Saint Review"

Danny Blu returns to the charts with his sophomore album “saint,” released in late February. Danny Blu, a New Jersey native who calls NYC home, created a buzz among indie music aficionados with his debut album Do Your Worst. Danny Blu has a strong presence in the LGBTQ community with his message of self acceptance and advocacy for LGBTQ issues. The first single off Do Your Worst, “Set Me On Fire” and its accompanying video, set the tone for the Danny Blu aesthetic. Danny is reminiscent of other DIY artists like Tying Tiffany or The Sexbots who have a strong visual arts background and are part performance artist and part musician. And most importantly, don’t want to compromise their vision and personal connection with their fan base as their star rises.

Danny calls his particular brand of electro industrial combined with glam rock “industrial pop.” ”saint” is an eclectic blend of tracks peppered with religious references. (Danny’s video for “Set Me On Fire” famously depicts the story of the persecution of Jesus as a metaphor for the oppression of misfits in a high school setting.) Danny explores issues like tolerance, hypocrisy, pain, love and sex that serve to provoke and leave the listener vaguely unsettled. Rock ballad “Asunder” and the almost hymnal sounding “Guilty” contrast to the rock out industrial stompers “As It Seems” and “Sebastian.” One of my favorite tracks is the “In The Dark (Faust Remix)” that takes an EDM direction with its danceable electronic sound. ”Something to Believe In” is the kind of crossover track, like “Set Me On Fire” was on his first album, that would even be at home on commercial radio and will broaden his appeal.

I had the opportunity to interview Danny Blu a couple of times and learned about his passion project of anti-bullying. Danny Blu and The Factory Blu have been conducting a fundraising campaign called “The Road to Change” to aid in creating a film documentary and web series that will chronicle his visits to schools, community centers and LGBTQ organizations to speak with disenfranchised youths and coinciding with his North American Sanctuary Tour. Danny experienced bullying as a misfit teen and discovered music and the arts as a means of self expression and healing. The mantra that he calls The Gospel of Blu is “Live life without hate, without regret, and without fear of the freak within.”

While the North American Sanctuary Tour is fully funded, contributions to “The Road To Change” cover costs like crew, equipment and production. Those who have an interest in becoming what Danny likens to investment angels and saints can get information on At different donation levels, angels/saints can receive goodies ranging from CD’s and posters to a day in the recording studio and even an unplugged concert in your front yard. Organizations and businesses are welcome sponsors. Community groups and schools who are interested in hosting Danny to speak at their location about bullying can make that happen by getting in touch at - Hot Indie News

"Road to Change - Anti-Bullying Film Documentary"

Industrial rocker Danny Blu has launched his campaign to raise funds for the upcoming anti-bullying film documentary titled "Road to Change", and it's gaining momentum. Added encouragement has come from the LGBTQ community with celebrities such as Scott Lowell, who starred as Ted in the groundbreaking series "Queer as Folk", voicing his support in a recent Tweet to his fans urging them to help spread the word about the important message that Danny, and "Road to Change", will share.

Also climbing aboard the Blu bandwagon are singer/actor Anthony Rapp (starred as Mark Cohen in both the stage and film versions of "Rent"), singer/actress Eden Espinosa (starred as Elphaba in the musical "Wicked"), and orchestrator/director Stephen Oremus (won the 2011 Tony Award for "The Book of Mormon" for Best Orchestrations).

If you'd like to help Danny Blu in his efforts to raise funds to produce the documentary that will chronicle the stops he'll be making along the way at schools, shelters, community centers and LGBTQ organizations during his upcoming 2014 Sanctuary Tour then take a minute to go to Whether it's to just see what it's all about, leave a comment, and/or make a donation to the cause of combating teenage/cyber bullying, it will be well worth your time.

For those of you in the New York City area that don't want to wait for the Sanctuary Tour to begin, or who want to hear the songs played live from Danny's latest album, "saint", you can catch Danny and the band at The Bowery Electric at 10 PM on March 19th or at Ella Lounge on April 4th, 7 PM.

Together we can help others build self-awareness, confidence and the ability to overcome pain and adversity. For more information, get updates or just simply to stay in touch, visit: - Mi2N

"The Gospel of Blu - Rate Your Music Review"

According to the press kit we received from Danny Blu's publicist, the gospel according to Blu may be summarized as follows: "Go to the scary places. In order to blur the lines between what is fantasy and reality, you must first abandon thoughts of 'I cannot.' You must then destroy all perceptions you might have of yourself and contexts others might have placed you in, forget what you have been told is tangible, and then decide to forge a new path, be it polished or unpaved. You must then remember that hatred and regret are useless emotions that serve only to hinder and to restrain. You must dispose of these emotions. Next, you must let go of any fear or concern of what you are about to unearth from inside of yourself. Once you have completed all of these tasks, you must then, firmly, with utmost confidence and determination, close your eyes...and begin to live."

Now that's quite a mantra. But then again, Danny Blu's CD "Do Your Worst" is quite a record. New Jersey industrial rock musician Danny Blu doesn't hide the fact that he's bi-sexual. So, being open and outspoken during his early school years certainly brought out the bullies, the bigots, and the bruisers out of the woodwork and the berating, the belittling, and the beatings ensued. That would, undoubtedly leave many people broken. Blu took his pain, transformed it into inspiration, and his album, "Do Your Worst" is the end result. After all, as one of the songs on this collection reveals in its title, he's quite a wild card.

The other tracks on his hard rocking compilation have titles such as; "Set Me on Fire", Pleasant Nightmare", the aptly named title track, "Save Me", In the Dark", Hold Me Down", "People Are Strange" (which is actually a cleverly reworked cover of a song by The Doors), "Pulse", "Force You", and "So Far", and appear to relate to the harsh existence of what someone experiences while growing up when you're 'different'. This music is as pounding as it is proud.

Blu has stated that his stage name was derived from the moniker, 'Big Blue', given to him by his father because of being a little boy with such big blue eyes. "I dropped the 'e' from my childhood nickname to denote my loss of innocence. Now I'm a sh*t-kicking, glam-rock front man, and I've never been happier! The song 'Set Me on Fire' is really an anthem and a big "f*ck you" to anyone who oppresses."

Current word on the street is that the band is back in the studio again finishing up some new recordings. The next CD, titled "saint", will drop at the end of February. I guess the old saying about rolling stones gathering no moss is true.

In summary, I like Danny Blu's music and his philosophy. It's pleased my ears and opened my mind. The world should always welcome the work of artists with insight, especially when that insight preaches the power of tolerance. For tolerance paves the way to communication, and historically, communication leads to progress. Perhaps we all should give Danny's way of thinking a try, become Bluish, and convert to Bluddism. It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? -

"A Night at the Delancey with Danny Blu"

It’s January 14th, 2014, and it’s a cold winter’s evening. We’re at a downtown nightclub called The Delancey in New York City and the place is packed. There are eight bands on the bill for the night and we’re here to see one artist in particular: Danny Blu. As usual, and par for the course in the NYC club scene, things are running late. How late you ask? Around an hour behind schedule, thanks for asking.

Blu and his band, The FactoryBlu, were scheduled to hit the stage at 10 PM, but you know how that goes. Our Hot Indie News cameraman is getting a bit antsy because he’s also suppose to, somehow, make it over the Brooklyn Bridge in time to film another performance tonight, and it’s becoming increasing evident that that’s not going to happen. Hey, it’s rock & roll – and I love it!

Since we’re already here and already running a tab with The Delancey bartender we decide to grab Danny, and the band, and find a quiet place in this noisy nightclub to talk. Unfortunately, there’s no greenroom. So, the common consensus amongst us is to head for the lobby area of The Delancey, get the camera rolling, and spend some time talking to Blu and his boys.

Our chat, as you’ll witness in the video below, was lively, entertaining, and sometimes a bit baffling. But, undeniably fun. We talk until someone gives us the sign that it’s time for Danny Blu to start the show, and then with concerned cameraman in tow and excitement in the air, we head toward the darkened stage. By now it’s 11 PM.

For the first time all night the club grows quiet then the lights go up as the band’s lone guitarist, Felix Blu, cockily cranks out the opening riffs of their first song, “Wild Card” from their first album, “Do Your Worst”. Almost immediately he’s joined by drummer Billy Blu and bassist Phil Blu. Building the intensity for about sixteen bars, Danny Blu is now on the microphone and the set is off and running.

These guys don’t hold anything back and seamlessly segue into the second number called “Set Me on Fire”, also off the first record and a total rock anthem. Blu and the band now hold the crowd in the palm of their hot little hand. Danny rives and thrashes as he sings, oozing as much cheeky charisma as he does sweat beneath hot spotlights on The Delancey stage. He moves about like a cornered cobra; both frightening and hypnotic at the same time.

Because things are running late management decides to cut the remaining bands on the bill set time short, so after announcing that the next tune is from their next upcoming album, “saint” (scheduled to drop at the end of February), they share an advance preview of what’s to come from their growing music catalog.

Returning to a selection from the debut release they then perform a spooky tune titled “Pleasant Nightmare”. These four guys have an amazing on-stage chemistry and this New York audience knows it. As you’ll see when you watch the embedded video, something is really happening here.

Sad to say, The Delancey soundman gives the band the sign to wrap it up within the space of two songs, so Danny treats the crowded club to another sample off of “saint” called “Something to Believe In”, then finally, calls it a night with the title track, “Do Your Worst” from their earlier CD.

The fans in the club want more, but management insists that the time constraint makes it impossible since there’re still two more bands scheduled to perform that night. So, like true gentlemen of rock, Danny, Phil, Felix and Billy take a bow; thank the adoring music lovers on the dance floor, then exit the stage.

In summary; these kids rock out with their, well, you know what I mean. Their next show is scheduled for NYC’s Rockbar on February 28th. It’s their record release party and tour fundraiser show, thus, they’ll be hitting the stage early (9 PM) so they’ll have time to talk and party with their guests. I know we’ll be their and you should too. After only seeing these boys one time I’m a Danny Blu fanatic. So, I guess what Danny told me is more than just a line and absolutely true, “Once you go Blu you’ll never turn back!”

Watch The Video Interview: - Hot Indie News

"CMJ #5 Most added Album to Radio Rotation"

Do Your Worst: #5 Most added Rock Album to Radio Rotation
2 Weeks Straight - CMJ Charts

"Danny Blu Interview"

I recently had the opportunity to interview artist Danny Blu on The Knix Mix in support of his album "Do Your Worst." Danny calls his combination of the industrial sound he grew up with and danceable electronic beats "Industrial Pop." He blends the theatrical make up and costumes of glam rock with the intentionally provocative flair of shock rock for an overall effect he describes as musical theater. Danny Blu, the character, was created in 2010 during the writing stage of the album. "Big Blue" was a childhood nickname that Danny modified to "Blu" to denote a loss of innocence. Danny's rallying cry is "Remember to live life without hate or regret and without fear of the Freak within."
In exploring Danny's website and online videos, it is apparent he is multi talented. In fact, Danny has experience as an actor and attended the NYU Tisch School of The Arts in 2009. The Danny Blu team includes an artistic director and a creative director in addition to the band and sound director, which serves him well in an era where the Internet makes having a consistent and visually appealing web presence a necessity for music acts. It also doesn't hurt that most of the actors and dancers in his music videos are beautiful people in various states of undress. Check out his video for the song "Sebastian" to understand what I mean.
Danny is very visible in the LGBT community and is a strong advocate for LGBT rights. Danny has also given tremendous support to anti-bullying, a topic that has repeatedly been in the headlines in recent years. High school can be a place where a bullying culture flourishes, and we have seen tragic consequences in the proliferation of school shootings and teen suicides. There is an increased risk of being the target of bullying for LGBT teens.
Danny describes the track "Set Me on Fire" as an anthem against oppression. The video for the track is a visually stunning short film that forces viewers to confront the issue of bullying by using religious imagery and theatrics. "Set Me on Fire" takes the story of the betrayal of Jesus, and the role of Pontius Pilate, who sentenced Jesus to be crucified, as a metaphor for the misfits who are persecuted as outsiders in high school. Danny experienced the ultimate revenge fantasy of the left of center kids by returning to the scene of the actual New Jersey high school he once attended to make the video. Danny was happy to have gained the support of the school administration in his efforts.
I grew up in homogenized Brewer, Maine; the sister city of Bangor, the second largest city in Maine and hometown of Stephen King. High school in the late 80's was very much like The Breakfast Club without the kumbaya Hollywood ending. Groups were separate but not equal, and the jocks and cheerleaders ruled the school with relish. Teen suicide and school shootings were not yet de rigueur on the evening news and the word "bullying" wasn't on our radar, but misfits (which I was) were not well tolerated and homophobia was prevalent. In 1984, the year I was 14, Bangor was the scene of a dark moment in history that galvanized the community to begin to take a stand against intolerance.
Charlie Howard was a 23 year old Portsmouth, NH native who was bullied in high school for his sexual orientation. In 1984 he was living in Bangor and was harassed by three teens as he was walking downtown with a companion. The teens chased the pair and threw Charlie off the State Street Bridge into the water below, even as he pleaded that he couldn't swim. He drowned. The incident didn't have the national attention that the death of Matthew Shepard would have, but in Maine there was a strong reaction. EqualityMaine grew out of the aftermath of the incident.
Things have improved since the time that I was in high school, but there is far more work to be done. Danny Blu is exactly the kind of unconventional role model that LGBT teens are apt to look to for navigating the angst of self discovery, and he takes the role seriously albeit in a very Danny Blu way. Danny responds to fans personally, and he recently heard from a teen who credited Danny with being an inspiration in broaching the subject of sexuality with family and friends. Danny described that exchange as the best Christmas present he could have gotten.
Danny's eleven track debut album "Do Your Worst" was originally released on a smaller scale in 2011 and is in wider release now with a second album, "Saint," planned for a spring 2014 release. Danny Blu performs in the NYC area frequently and is hoping to plan a tour in Japan. Check The Factory Blu website frequently for updates. In the meantime, take a cue from Danny Blu and let your freak flag fly! - The Knix Mix

"The Deli Magazine #12 NYC Alt-Rock Artist"

#12 NYC Alt-Rock Artist - The Deli Magazine

"QQ: Danny Blu - Do Your Worst"

There’s a new kid in town and he calls himself Blu, Danny Blu to be exact. He rocks, he rolls, he’s riotous and, at times, he’s even rude. At times he’s scary, but he’s always freaky. When he’s not being dark he’s setting our pants on fire like a promiscuous pyromaniac. He’s not black, nor white, nor red, nor yellow: he’s Blu.

In ‘Wild Card’ he snarls “Call me King so I can call you my B***h!” (see I told you he was rude). And that pretty much sums up the overall attitude of the other ten tracks that make up the rest of his album. Acidic lyrics that he slings with a switchblade tongue, words that stab our hearts and remain lodged in our brains.

The world of Blu is a landscape of nightmares and shadows. A world where you’re held down and forced to do unspeakable things, a domain of pain and humiliation that can be relieved by lust and the imagination, but never forgotten. The kind of world where despite your plaintive pleas for salvation, no one will save you. It’s not your parent’s MTV – it’s the real world, baby!

If you’re not the kind of brave soul who’s afraid to take a walk on the wild side then Danny Blu is your go-to-guy. Do Your Worst is like taking a rollercoaster ride while tripping on acid. Your heart will pound, your palms will sweat, your stomach may drop and, at times, you’ll want to close your eyes. And like an amusement park ride you’ll know that it will end, but what you don’t know is if you’ll ever forget what you just felt, because Danny Blu is not for the faint of heart. -

"Danny Blu - Set Me on Fire & Interview"

Exclusive Interview

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
Well, I’m really just a small town boy from New Jersey. I moved to NYC in the fall of 2008 to pursue a performing career and quickly began to realize it was possible. I was mostly doing acting and musical theater work at the time. I enrolled in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in fall of 2009 and, after a while, I started to hate being directed. So I made up my own character and my own world.

Danny Blu was born in March of 2010 when I started writing the album Do Your Worst. I got Blu by taking my nickname from childhood (big blue) and dropping the “e” to show a loss of innocence. Now I’m a shit-kicking, glam-rock, frontman and I’ve never been happier!

Tell us more about the current song you are promoting to everyone.
The song Set Me on Fire is really an anthem and a big “fuck you” to anyone who oppresses. I wanted to start the album off with a bang and with a song that really encapsulates the message of the record. The accompanying video hits that message home. It draws parallels between Jesus Christ and high school bully victims. Check that shit out

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?
Some of the biggest challenges I face in the industry mirror the challenges I face in life. I’ve never really fit into a category in life and therefore the music seems to not fit into a category and makes it hard to promote to any one specific community. I combine pop, rock, industrial, southern rock, punk, EDM, and dubstep into my work which makes it both all inclusive to some and scary to others.

What was one of the biggest set backs in your career and how did you bounce back?
At one point, the band and I were about to be signed to an up and coming label. They were getting ready to fund a music video already in the works, were talking European tours, etc. On my way to sign the contract, coming up from the subway, I received a voicemail saying they had lost an investor and had to pull out of the deal. It really fuckin’ sucked, but I rallied the team, made the video anyway, and pushed on. Shit happens. It’s what you make of the shit and how you react that’s important.

What are some things artists need to be careful of?
I think artists need to be careful of being too general and not knowing where they came from and what “ancestry” they have. I know I can do what I do because people like David Bowie, Alice Cooper, and Marilyn Manson did what they did. I don’t hide from that lineage, I embrace it. Knowing who you are and what you are saying in the context of the current world is vastly important to artists.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?
The same suggestions I have for everyone else: never fear being misunderstood. Do what you do and be proud of what you do. Only you are the artist you are. I spent a lot of time trying to conform to ideals and it only wasted precious energy and left good ideas in the trash. Just say what you want to say and make the music and art you need to make.

What is one of your favorite ways to promote yourself and your music?
I am a walking billboard for my work. I live my life everyday painted in more makeup than a drag queen and with a multi-colored mohawk and thirty studded belts and fishnets. If at least 15 people a day don’t ask me what I do of who I am, I consider it a slow day. Other than that, I am a huge social media whore. Gaining an online following is truly important if you want to be a successful artist.

Where can people visit you?
Our next show is at the Delancey in NYC on January 14th: You can find everything, including merch, tour schedule, social media links, and more at my website:
TW: @dannyblumusic
IG: @dannyblu

For all press inquiries contact Mia Mind Music at 800-843-8575 -

"Understanding What I First Misunderstood: Do Your Worst by DANNY BLU"

The advice often offered about not judging a book by its cover should also be applied to album artwork. When I at first received Danny Blu's Do Your Worst CD and saw the cover artwork I had a major "WTF” moment. An androgynous male dressed in drag, gagged and bound to a tree with blood streaming down his naked chest was what I saw. For a moment I was about to file Blu's record on the "I'll eventually get around to this one later” shelf in my office. Then curiosity got the better of me.

So, like a good Rock & Roll soldier, I took the CD from its jewel case, slid it into my computer's disc slot and hit "PLAY”. What happened next is what I'm about share with you in this review. And like the image on the cover, it isn't always pretty.

Set Me on Fire, the opening track, tells the tale of abuse (be sure to check out the video for this one on Youtube: Not just inflicted physical pain but the anguish of isolation felt by someone who's different. Like the loneliness a stranger feels upon arriving in a strange land, or that queasy, unsettling sensation you'd feel on the first day of being the new kid in school. While Beck taunted his tormentors in Loser with a repeated invitation of, "I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?” Blu chants with a sneer, "You can't break what's already broken. You can't kill me, I am immortal!” in the bridge of Set Me on Fire.

As that song drew to a close I read the titles of the other tracks that followed: Pleasant Nightmare (an intensely paced psychotic love song about a mismatched a love affair between two misfits), the title track Do Your Worst, that seems to about standing up to your bullying tormentors, Save Me laments the failed relationship (I loved the line, "You f**ked me over but it's not that bad, because I'm the best thing that you'll never have.”), Wild Card, In The Dark, Hold Me Down, People Are Strange (a cleverly cold cover of an old Doors tune), Pulse, Force You and So Far.

Then I got it. All at once I knew why the image on the cover was so disturbing. At the same instant I understood what Danny Blue was trying to convey with the overall concept of Do Your Worst. The image was an eerie reminder and depiction of the fate endured by Matthew Shepard in Laramie, WY, on October 6, 1998, during the commission of a hate crime where he was tied up, tortured and killed by two men who, according to court testimony, "...hated gays”. A crime, and death, that ultimately led to the passing of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Act into law more than ten years later.

I now recalled a line in the cover letter that accompanied Danny's press kit. It came from the section of the letter titled, "the gospel of Blu” which advised, "Remember to live life without hate or regret, and without fear of the Freak within!” Now it all makes sense.

RIYL: Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails
Best Track(s)

1. Set Me On Fire, 2. Pleasant Nightmare, 5. Wild Card -

"Music Emissions CD Review"

For a first release "Do Your Worst" is not bad. It aims high and does have magical musical moments and lyrical gems among the 11 songs (10 are originals penned by Danny Blu and the other, "People Are Strange" is borrowed from The Doors). Still, there is something missing. And what I believe is lacking is a clear understanding by the artist of who his audience is.

At times it seems like Danny Blu believes he's playing to a hardcore rock audience with songs like the rollicking "Wild Card", or the title track "Do Your Worst". At other times he goes darkly Goth with a ditty like "In the Dark". He does a bit of the old tip of the hat to Glam Rock (and with his fondness for costumes and make-up) in a tune like "Save Me". His Industrial Rock side is plainly clear on the songs "Pulse", "Force You" and "Hold Me Down". Danny's Pop personality emerges from the shadows on "Set Me on Fire", "Pleasant Nightmare" and "So Far".

Although some may find this mixed bag approach to their liking, I find it distracts from the overall cohesiveness of the intended concept of the record. It's evident that Blu is very versatile. It's also evident that he has an abundance of talent, is not afraid to experiment, and has some undeniably interesting ideas. While these are, in my opinion, very admirable traits, I believe that Danny has not yet mastered the art of understanding who he's trying to appeal to. This is not uncommon on a first album and I'm not saying that this is entirely bad. Thus it's not disappointing; it's just a little frustrating at times.

The CD "Do Your Worst" certainly tests some very tried and true artistic limits and boundaries. I conclude that Blu is still a work in progress. On a rating of 10/10 I'd award it a solid 9/10. But with some more time and another album or 2 Danny Blu has a very good shot at hitting a solid 10 before too long. -

"Blu Note"

I somehow missed the amazing song and bullying-themed video "Set Me on Fire" by Danny Blu earlier this year, but he's back with the rather terrifying "Sebastian", a pop-music video that fits neatly into the current undead aesthetic. I'm impressed by the professionalism of his videos—full-on choreography, committed performances, solid camerawork. Plus, if you don't like the visuals, the songs, while striving for shock value and to be seen as straddling the edge, don't forget to be catchy... -

"Industrial Rock Artist Danny Blu Releases CD & Takes on Teenage/Cyber Bullying"

the gospel of Blu: go. to. the. scary. places.

In order to blur the lines between what is fantasy and reality, you must first abandon thoughts of “I cannot.” You must then destroy all perceptions you might have of yourself and contexts others might have placed you in, forget what you have been told is tangible, and then decide to forge a new path, be it polished or unpaved. You must then remember that hatred and regret are useless emotions that serve only to hinder and to restrain. You must dispose of these emotions. Next, you must let go of any fear or concern of what you are about to unearth from inside of yourself. Once you have completed all of these tasks, you must then, firmly, with utmost confidence and determination, close your eyes…
…and begin to live.


Industrial Rock artist DANNY BLU has launched a full press and radio campaign for his debut release, “Do Your Worst”, an album that addresses the problem of teenage/cyber bullying (and the anti-bullying crusade is a cause that DANNY BLU has lent his full support to). The campaign will target over 400 commercial, college and community radio stations and various publications across the United States and Canada. Listen to, and request, your favorite tracks from “Do Your Worst” at your local radio station. Read what the critics have to say about the artist and his work in your favorite publication.

For more information about DANNY BLU contact his reps at Mia Mind Music, 1-800-843-8575,
Set Me on Fire Official Music Video on You Tube - Hot Indie News

"Sputnik Music CD Review"

Review Summary: There's not a single track that I'd toss off of this collection. Danny Blu has a lot to say, and not all of it will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

The bio accompanying the "Do Your Worst" CD points out Danny Blu's position on the subject of bullying and his past work with the LGBTQ communities. Danny Blu is a loud and proud member of the shock/industrial rock crowd mingled with the electronic dance music movement. He's a riotous rebel with a cause.

Blu is a boy who can bang your head, shake your booty, rock your world, shock your senses, and make you think all within the same song. With one album already out and under his belt ("Do Your Worst"), and one ("saint") planned to be out of the can by the spring of 2014, I think it's safe to say that Danny doesn't rest on his laurels.

The 11 songs on his debut release are, at times, not easy to listen to. Danny is clearly disturbed by living in a world that certainly he has so very much to be disturbed about: pain, betrayal, lies, hypocrisy, heartbreak, unfulfilled promises, rage and the relentless stress of just trying to be ourselves in this disturbing world of ours. He's like a young Marlon Brando spilling his guts out on stage to an unseen audience during opening night. It's scary.

There's not a single track that I'd toss off of this collection. One song in particular, the penultimate track "Force You", sent such chills up and down my spine that the goose bumps remained until after the end of the album. Danny Blu has a lot to say, and not all of it will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Frankly my dear, a lot of it is downright disturbing.

RIYL: Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein -

"Buzznet CD Review"

How many times have you heard the idiom 'practice makes perfect'? The cliché implies that by doing something over and over again that you may eventually learn to do it well. For most of us the acts of repetition and rehearsal are our only hope of improving or mastering a skill. I'm sure you've heard the tired old joke of the violinist who hops into a New York City taxicab then tells the cabbie he wants to go to Carnegie Hall. When the driver asks him how to get there the musician wearily replies, "Practice, practice, practice!"

Then, there are the rare few whom we see as savants. Those who are blessed with some sort of innate ability that allows them to effortlessly accumulate, assimilate and utilize complex patterns of behavior and activity. Some people, me included, would define that as talent. Thus, that too, is a necessary ingredient if one hopes to get to not only Carnegie Hall, but to set one above and beyond the rest in their chosen field.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I've heard Danny Blu's debut album, Do Your Worst, and I feel confident in claiming that we have a very new, talented young artist amongst us. Blu understands that there's more to making music in today's market than just melody and rhythm. To capture the over stimulated attention of an audience in this century you must also be entertaining. And, oh boy, is Danny ever entertaining.

The eleven tracks on the Do Your Worst CD are an orgy of sounds that range from industrial rock/pop to EDM and a few unexpected genre stops in-between. Words like energy and enthusiasm fall short of defining the electrifying lyrics and pounding performances captured in this recording. Pleasant Nightmare, track #2, is set upon the twilight stage of a love/hate relationship and acted out within an atrociously dirty affair. Track #1, Set Me on Fire, is like being chased through a darkened forest by demons. The BDSM swagger of Wild Card (track #5) is a hypnotically scary combination of aggression and hypersexual seductiveness.

Danny Blue is no stranger to incorporating costumes and makeup in his presentation. His music videos on YouTube embody multimedia savvy with a healthy dose of artistic abandon. If this is only a first example of what this young musician plans to bring to the entertainment table, then gather round my minions, and prepare to dine. -

"Danny Blu's "Set Me on Fire""

You might remember that a couple years ago I played a homeless man in an off Broadway show, WHEN JOEY MARRIED BOBBY. It was a pretty terrific experience and best of all, I've stayed in touch with some of my castmates and ended up having cast member Danny Blu on The Will Clark Show last year. Then he asked me to portray his father in a music video he was producing.

There is a kind of amusement that I had when asked about this because you know, like many men, I still see myself as a twentysomething able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and so forth.

But realistically, I am 48 and yes I can easily play a 24 year old's dad. EASILY. Yikes. :)

So here's the video - the music may wake you up on this snoozy Monday enjoy! -

"Bisexual Rocker Danny Blu Channels Jesus Christ As Bullied Teenager"

New York City-based industrial pop singer Danny Blu and his band The Factory Blu are making more than just intense sound waves with their first music video. The song is the punky dance track Set Me On Fire and the video–a surprisingly high-production value joint coming from an independent artist–tells the story of a freakishly unique and bullied teenager.

“We took a jab at the right wing which uses religion against people,” Danny says. “(We) take that and use it as a weapon right back at them. We took the story of Jesus Christ and made him a modern day high school bullying victim, a perfect parallel.”

If Jesus Christ had spiky blue hair and wore black leather lace-up bustiers to school.

Besides his ever-changing goth style, the 23-year old bisexual rocker has a personal “gospel” that defines his art: Share your inner freak with the world and live life without fear or regret. Heck, we can get behind that.

A frequent performer at Pride, the Factory Blu is riding high with their first album, Do Your Worst, and is currently working on number two. They’re performing at NYC’s Sullivan Hall on April 26 and Piscataway, NJ’s SteamPunk World’s Fair on May 19.

"What if Jesus Christ Was a Bullied High School Teen?"

Bullies, punks, and a Pontius Pilate principal are the players in this bullied teen as Jesus Christ music video from NYC-based recording artist Danny Blu for his new track "Set Me On Fire".

Read more:


"Do Your Worst" - Full Length Studio Album

"saint" - Full Length Studio Album

"Wash My Hands" (Feat. Reid Stefan) - Single



Danny Blu is an artist that successfully bridges the gap between fantasy and reality. Drawing inspiration from 1990’s shock/industrial rock and dark, modern-day pop and EDM he creates an atmospheric and seductive sound that makes you want to dance and bang your head all at once. He heads up what he calls “the factory blu” which is comprised of both his ever-growing fan base and the team he has assembled to help him create his music and image. Danny preaches a code he has deemed “The Gospel of Blu” which dictates: Live life without hate, without regret, and without fear of the freak within. His mission is to guide those who have been oppressed by either themselves or the forces around them to break free and to live the life they were meant to.

Originally from New Jersey, Danny has been performing his entire life. He moved to New York City in the Fall of 2008 to pursue a career in acting/singing. After achieving much success in the industry, Danny auditioned for NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, was accepted, and enrolled in Fall 2009. In March of 2010, Danny began to write and record his own music. Working with producer Bobby Amaru (front man of the rock band Saliva), he recorded 10 original tracks and 1 cover and deemed his first studio endeavor Do Your Worst. Soon after, Danny began to assemble his creative team and band and debuted his live show on Central Park’s Summerstage in June 2011 at the 2011 NYC Pride Rally.

Danny and his band continued to play around New York City at some of the most famous venues in the world (The Bitter End, Sullivan Hall, Webster Hall, etc). In December of 2011 Danny partnered with Aphelion Entertainment and filmed his first music video for the first single off of Do Your Worst, “Set Me on Fire.” The video draws parallels between teenage bully victims and Jesus Christ. Upon its release, it quickly garnered much recognition and praise from both the music and the LGBTQ communities. “Set Me on Fire” was featured in the FM Channels “Pre-Pop Top 40” rotation as one of the best indie-produced songs in the world. Furthermore, the track earned Danny a semi-finalist position in the inaugural UnsignedOnly.Com annual songwriting competition. The production and overall quality of Danny’s music earned him a “Top Artist” badge from and prompted Allbiz Entertainment to feature him in their October 2012 virtual showcase.

Partnering with Mia Mind Music, Danny launched a full-scale radio and press campaign in order to bring the Gospel of Blu to the world. ­Do Your Worst immediately climbed to the #5 position on the CMJ National Loud Rock Radio Adds Chart and Danny was deemed the #12 Alternative artist in NYC by The Deli Magazine.

Soon after releasing Do Your Worst, Danny began working on his second studio endeavor, saint. The first single, “Sebastian,” and its accompanying music video were released on December 21, 2012 (the famed Mayan “end of the world” date). Soon after, Danny released two more music videos (“Pleasant Nightmare” off of Do Your Worst, and “Something to Believe In” off of saint).

Danny and the factory released saint on February 25, 2014 and it was immediately added to over 120 radio stations throughout the US and Canada. Danny’s music was subsequently added to the rotation on Pandora Internet Radio and the national attention set the factory on their first national tour in June 2014.

 “The Sanctuary Tour” made stops in 18 cities throughout the US had Danny catching the attention of press, radio, and the management company (Washam MGMT) that he would sign to in July of 2014. Danny is currently working on several music videos and will return to the studio to record more music in the near future. For a full list of press/articles/charts, please visit the press area of

“Live life without hate, without regret, and without fear of the freak within” – Danny Blu    

Band Members